Saturday, June 23, 2007

Project Report #24 - Cool Runnings

Hey Sponsors~! It’s a nice Saturday afternoon, I’m finally a little free to make a blog entry. Just met up with a supplier not too long ago, trying to get some performance parts for my car and for some clients as well. Just to let you all, I’m currently trying to start off a business in the aftermarket automotive industry. In Malaysia, this business is really growing fast, so I’m just starting off really really small, but slowly I want to build contacts, seal contracts and launch out in the near future. Do pray with me that God will help me in this business…

Let me share with you the reason behind me intending to start a business. Sure, cars are my interest, but the purpose of this business is not just that. I think many of you know about my vision on building a full fledge music institute. Maybe now you’re wondering, what does cars have to do with music? Well, this entry will explain everything.

Music has been my passion since the early days of my life. I was found setting up pots, pans and containers in my kitchen and played with it as though it was a drum set with a cassette playing the background, this was when I was 4 years old. My love for music almost died when I took up piano lessons at about 6 years of age, one thing was because my teachers were not really good and I just didn’t like playing the piano at all, especially classical piece. I have nothing against classical music, but too much of it really drained the life out of me…

So I stopped piano when I was about 9 years old, took up contemporary keyboards with a good friend name Beatrice, I was also a frequent participant in Aubrey Suwito’s keyboard clinics. This was the time when I was so inspired to be a jazz musician because of the soul and life behind the music. But again, I didn’t continue pursuing my keyboarding because I knew it was not my passion.

So eventually I picked up the drums when I was 11, and have been at it ever since. At that time, my dad had just resigned from his well paid job to pursue his ministry. Thus my family couldn’t afford to send me to official drumming lessons from professional teachers. So I had to settle learning the drums from my church drummers, which actually helped me in developing the ability to worship and sing while playing.

I am very grateful to one person who has been always supportive of my music ministry since I started showing interest in the drum. His support in love, finances, encouragement and inspiration has really pushed me to be the musician I am today. He is none other than my uncle, Danny Siew, whom I’m so honored to have being a sponsor of the car project as well. He has taught me everything he knew about music and encouraged me to go on further. He was the first person to buy me a pair of drumsticks, guitar effects and many more other music equipment. The latest thing he gave me was a practice drum kit, which is in very god use now for me…

During my early secondary school days, I use to save up money to go for drumming clinics everywhere. I was very interested to learn from anyone who knew more than me. I was even ready to pay RM70 bucks for just 1 hour of class with a professional teacher. Though I couldn’t afford it on a weekly basis, I use to not eat during recess and use my money to pay off my drumming fees. With the connection with various drummers, I found a part time job as a sessionist with a band. We played in different hotels, restaurants and sometimes pubs. I was a very different person then, my friends would always bring me out to do stuff that I regret doing. I was practically backsliding because of my pursuance in music.

Only after my SPM, I got my fire back for God and this was when I got my vision to build a music institute. I still remember it so clearly. It was during the Youth Alive Conference in Penang, when Planet Shakers first came to Malaysia and held a big rally, Ps Chris Long was preaching about doing something for our nation. He said that we don’t have to look far and wide to make a difference in our nation, we just have to look at what we have in our hands and surrender it to God, and He will direct you. He asked each take up our passion and not look down on it even though it may be small at that time. He challenged us to think big with the little we have~!

As I sat there and listened, I was really moved in my spirit. I kept asking God, what can I do to impact my nation. Then there the Holy Spirit asked, “What is your passion? What is that something that has been burning within you that has not died since you were young?”…. I answered, “Music… my passion is to become a professional musician”. I knew then that God has plans for me to excel in my musical ability.

I went home and prayed, I continued to ask God over and over again, “How can I make an impact to in my country with music?”… I knew that the Malaysian music industry was in the dumps and there were no prospects other than mat rock~! It wasn’t until 1 year later that God revealed to me how I was to use music to impact the community, by teaching music, but at that time, my family still wasn’t doing too well I couldn’t afford professional certification. So how? Stuck again? Nope... because God was preparing me slowly.

Finally, during my early university days, my parents could afford to send me for official lessons with the well renowned John Thomas, one of the youngest drumming prodigies of Malaysia. I was under him for about a year plus, and eventually I had to stop because of other commitments. But my lessons with him really helped me develop my techniques in different kinds of styles and genres.

With these skills drilled into me, I could finally be good enough to teach drummers at initial grades. So I did so for about 2 years, first I thought in a small music school in SS2, then I went in to help Actstream Academy by teaching drums there. I’ve done many gigs in and out of church, many recording sessions with different people. But at the end, I still was not satisfied because it wasn’t enough. I still was not professionally certified to qualify as an official drums teacher.

So now comes the part where I explain to you how I will get my professional qualification. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been pondering how I’m gonna fund my music education. I’ve been considering various businesses and second jobs. Lately for the past 8 months of praying, I felt the peace to start off something small in the aftermarket car industry. This business which I intend to build is for the purpose funding my music degree. Why a business? Main reason is because when this business becomes self-sustaining, and when I am able to hire workers to run things for me, I can free up my day to take up my music degree and still generate income to support my studies.

If I were to work a full-time job for another company, I won’t have time to do such a thing. I know it would take time for a business to self-sustain, but I’m willing to work hard to see my the vision that God has given to me come to past. Even if it doesn’t, at least I’ve tried my very very best.

FACT: Did you know that music has the ability to penetrate into all levels of society, young and old, any race of any religion of any social standing. I believe that the interest in learning music is not limited to only a small group of people. Therefore, by setting up a renown music institute which offers courses all the way to professional levels, I can impact the community through the teaching of music.

MY VISION: To not just to teach music and develop great musicians in terms of skills, but also to build character, commitment and moral values that will produce students who are great musicians in skill and stature. There’s no point in being high skilled but no character, it’s useless. But can you imagine the impact of music teaching when coupled with the principles from the Word of God. I’m not gonna preach to my students and force them to believe in Jesus, but as I teach, as my teachers teach, I pray that our lives will leave an impression that Christ lives in us, thus introducing Christ through our behavior, commitment, convictions, excellence and character.

So people, now you know why I want to start off a car performance business. Hope you people will support me in this through your prayers. If you wanna support me in my car business, please let me know if you need anything done with your car. I will gladly serve you and help you get the best deals.

Project Report~! My car is in the shop now for some upgrades. I’m installing a new front mount intercooler, a sports air-filter and a blow-off-valve. Please pray with me that everything will go through smoothly, no mishaps or mistakes. Below are some pictures of the car upgrading work…

This is the top view of the engine, look at the new stainless steel intake pipes I’m installing. The airflow will superb for improved engine response. Notice how clean the engine top looks now, I had to repaint it myself, but I’m gonna change the engine over to a Ford one really soon, it’s gonna be a nice dark chevvy orange colour tone.

Here’s the front of the car, my bumper was removed to fit in my front mount intercooler. It’s brand new, so still haven’t opened from the wrapper. If you wanna know briefly how an intercooler works, just CLICK HERE.

The intercooler brand is INFINITE. This intercooler has many good reviews about it and I got it at a very good price, brand new~!

Another front view of the intercooler, isn’t it a beauty? There will be stainless steel pipings running from the intercooler with blue silicon adapters to join the pipes with the intercooler.

Last picture from the top front of the intercooler. This item has been in my hunting list for very long already, but I was just waiting for the finances to come in so I can buy it.

Alright people, that’s all I have for today~! Sorry for the long wait for my entry, I will try my best to make another one by next week with the full installations completed. Then this car is gonna look and perform really well. Sponsors, take note that the signing phase will begin within the next few weeks~! See you all then~! God Bless~!