Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Project Report #14 - Rise of The Machine

Good morning people~! It's another beautiful Tuesday morning~! Sorry I couldn't make any entries the past 3 days. I've been really busy preparing for the dinner I had in my house. It was a great time~! The food was fantastic, old friends got to catch up with each other again, it was like a big reunion. I had over 60 people who came~! Thank God I had enough food to feed all of them. These people eat like piranhas~! Haha~!

Project report~! My car is finally in the workshop~! My foreman got so fed up waiting for his tow truck guy that he took matters into his own hands, in a good way la. He got one of his mechanics from the shop to tow the car by attaching it to another car using ropes. I wish I could’ve been there to help out and witness such an event, but I had to rush off for a recording engagement. My foreman had to maneuver my car slowly as everything in the car did not work, brakes and even the steering column was all out or order. It took them a long and tiring afternoon to drag my car to the workshop. My foreman is an awesome guy and I’m really grateful to him

I’ve taken lots of pictures of the extracted engine and my car in the shop over the past 3 days. So people, I shall not talk so much and let you feast your eyes on the raising of a really cun machine~!

This is the overview of the extracted engine from the half-cut. A lot of things were changed on the inside to improve performance and reliability. Take note that this picture and the next 6 pictures were taken before my gearbox was attached to my engine...

This is the Mazda BPT engine flywheel and clutch. I had to change the clutch pad because the previous one was quite old and we were uncertain how long it would last. So for safety, we had to change it…

The mechanic removed the CAM cover and allowed me to view the brand new timing belt which he installed for me. Almost every part of this engine has been reconditioned and restored good as new.

A closer look to the engine CAM and the timing belt. If you’re well inclined with cars, this engine is a DOHC (double overhead CAM) engine. You can tell by the 2 big ‘GEARS’ on the top of the engine…

An even closer look to the new timing belt I had installed. The model number, the number of indentations (teeth) and where it was made. My mechanic distributes parts from Japan, so performance wise, this car is gonna be a BOMB~!

As promised in my previous entry, I shall show you how a turbo charger looks like. This is the first picture of the turbo charger attached to my engine…

Here’s a closer look of the turbo charger, if you look carefully you can actually see the turbo turbine inside the intake hole.

If you want to know roughly how turbo chargers work, go find out the simple description of turbo at honeywell.com...

Now let’s have a look at my car being elevated on the workshop elevator. Isn’t she a beauty? For those of you who knows me better, my definition of ‘Hot Chic’ is never referring to any human girls, it's only reserved for really cun cars. I’m gonna get my own hot chic soon… Hehe~!

This is the front view of the car head and front bumper. If you notice, the headlamp on the left of this picture looks a bit yellowed and older. I’m gonna have that replaced because I have the spares in with me now.

This is the front left portrait of the elevated car. The disc brakes have a layer of rust over it but no worries… The discs are not damaged. It just needs a little polishing and oiling.

This is the front right portrait of the elevated car. The bumper has a little scratch on it but it can be polished off. It just a minor surface scratch..

Now let’s move to the back of the car. Check out the GT wing on the car. I’m still contemplating on whether to keep the GT Wing on or not. Will let you know my decision soon. Do vote on the polls to help me make a decision.

This is the side back portrait, check out my 17” sports rims. The previous owner installed brand new tyres and it’s hardly ever used.

This is the back undercarriage of the car. The opening on the right side of this picture is where I’ll be putting my giant exhaust muffler. I still have not bought one yet though, will choose a nice one by this 2 weeks.

Now we’re inside the car hood. This picture was taken from under the car viewing the front right side of the engine compartment. You can see the amount of space there is to fit in a really powerful engine. That big bar thing across the bottom of the picture is my engine bracket.

This is the front left side of the engine compartment. You can see the oil cooler device slightly off to the right from the middle picture. The hardware that has a bit of oil stains on it. I will have it cleaned up. This device is necessary to keep the oils cool as it engine performs at high stress levels.

This is the back right of the engine compartment. At the top left of the picture, that big black round thing is actually my super heavy duty brake pump. Because this car is going to be build to run at high speeds, the braking system must be enhanced as well for safety.

This is the back left of the engine compartment. Slightly off to the right from the middle of the picture, you can see the standard Ford TX3 power steering fluid pump. Above it you can see my honk outlet. I don’t know how it sounds like though. That big silverfish bar at the top of the picture is actually an original Mazda RX7 rally strut bar. It’s used to neutralize the drift of the car when taking corners.

This is a picture of my engine with the gearbox attached. This gearbox was the pride and joy of the owner who sold it to me. So I must really take good care of it.

If you still can’t see the gearbox, this picture may make it clearer. Can you see that big thing jutting out from the bottom of the engine? That’s a part of the gearbox..

Still can’t see the gearbox? For the sake of engine illiterate people, I shall zoom in to the gearbox itself. This whole picture is the gearbox itself.

This is my exhaust pipe line with the flexi. I’ll have to weld in 2 exhaust boxes and a muffler before it can be used in my car.

These next two pictures are so cun. I’d never be able to take it unless my car is on the elevator. This is the back left wheel portrait of the car…

This is the back right wheel portrait of the car. You can see that the tyres are hardly ever used at all.

My mechanic still can’t install the engine yet because the gearbox brackets I ordered has still not came in. These brackets are necessary to attach the gearbox in place with the engine to the car’s chasis. The brackets must be strong enough to keep such a powerful engine and gearbox in place. The gearbox bracket should come in latest by end of this week. Pray that there will be no more unnecessary delays.

Hey sponsors, do you feel the presence of a silly little bubbly thing? She’s small, blur most of the time, whacky and crazy~! She can be quite noisy at times but one things for sure, there has hardly even been a moment where she wouldn’t be hyper. Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seat as I introduce you to the one, the only, Eleanor Chua a.k.a. Ellie a.k.a Silly Lil’ Thing a.k.a. Sugar-high girl~! This is one energetic girl, if you’re planning to hang out with her, you better be fit enough~! Haha~!

I only had the privilege to meet her sometime last year when she joined the CampusCity worship team and Actstream. I really didn’t know that she was related to another friend of mine until much later. She was a product of a Good Friday service in 2005 organized by CampusCity and Acts Church because she was saved in that event~! Praise God~!

This bubbly girl has been a good friend during my last few months with CampusCity, we actually got closer because we hung out a lot eating with her university mates. My impression of her since the very first time I met her until today is ‘Hyper Girl’… She has this undying bubbling character that never seems to fade, she always looks very happy and cheery. That is a very good thing because people feel very comfortable around her because she’s easily approachable…

Even though I haven’t known her for very long, but through her life I can really see her passion for the things of God. She’s always there when the ministry needed her, she always tries her best to availed herself to serve in anything that required her help. Even when I didn’t have a car at a point in time, she was willing to drive me around to run my car errands when my car was still under-going repairs and reconditioning. Her willingness and availability to help others really portrays the great character and heart that God has placed in her…

Ever since I started work, almost everyday we would have our silly little arguments just to brighten up a work-loaded day. We would just joke and talk nonsense almost the whole day~! I don’t know how we got so much supply of nonsense to talk, but we managed. Haha~! Those little moments really kept me alert and awake in times where my work got a bit dull. If she wasn’t there to kacau me, I guess those days would’ve been so boring.

To Ellie… We’ve had out fair share of silly arguments eh? Although you’ve never won a single one, at least you’re faster than ‘some good friend’ of yours that always hangs out with us. Haha~! I was astounded when I heard that you were one of those who were saved during the Good Friday in 2005, we really prayed hard for salvations early that day and you were the answer to our prayers. Praise God~!

Your life has been a great inspiration to me because of your simplicity of heart. You were always willing to learn, even though I sometimes put you through ‘hard’ lessons. Haha~! The way you carry yourself, always being cheery and joyful, has really lightened up a lot times when I was going through hard times. You were an every-ready person to pray for whatever needs that anyone had…

The heart that God has given to you to care for others is amazing. From what I can see, you’ve always made an effort to support and encourage your friends that were going through hard times. I’ve been through my fair share of difficult times and never once you denied me from your support in prayer…

Thank you for being such an encouragement and support in my life. Even in this car project, through the trials and roadblock I’ve faced, you have been always pushing me to press on. Never once have you condemned me for what I’m doing, even when things didn’t go as plan, you were still so supportive in all the difficult decisions I had to make to in this project. I’m really grateful for that.

I know that God has great things in store for you in the coming days, continue to press on in your prayers for the salvation of you family and never ever give up no matter what happens. God will hear your prayers and all that you asked on behalf of the lives of your family members will come to past. Keep sowing in prayer, keep sowing in building God’s kingdom~! Continue to believe, keep up the faith~!

Never let any situations or circumstances determine the path of your life, never let difficulties or lack be the factor that influences any of your decisions, but in bring everything to the Lord in prayer and thanksgiving~! He will lead you and guide you to the fulfillment of the purposes of you life. Stay in the Lord and He will be faithful to prosper you and grant you great success in all that you do.

Thanks for being a great friend~!

Alright sponsors~! That’s all I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed the detailed description and pictures of the changes made in the engine. Will update you more on the other stuff that’s currently being done… Thanks people~! Have a wonderful new week ahead and God Bless~!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Project Report #13 - A Few Good Engines

Good Morning people~! It's another Thursday morning again and the weekend is approaching closer~! WooHoo~! It has been an eventful week for me, things are just coming one after another, but I'm doing very well. Really looking forward to what today has for me, I hope you all feel the same about your day as well...

Project Report~! I went to see my half-cut today and it looks great~! Although it was a bit pricey but I got plenty of stuff out of it. For those of you all who don’t understand what a half-cut is, it is literally half of a car. I bought half of another car to use the parts for my car. The half-cut comes with an engine, everything that’s under the bonnet and everything that’s at the dashboard of the car. It was a great joy to see the engine because I’ve been waiting for it for so long.

The mechanic that in-charge of the installation of my engine told me that this engine is one of the best condition engines he’s seen in a long time. He said when he dissected the engine for inspection he was amazed because it seemed like the engine was hardly ever used. Praise God~! I still have to spend extra because there are certain basic things that needs to be changed, stuff like the timing belt, clutch pad and etc. No worries people~! God will provide~! He’s been so faithful throughout this project, He would never abandon me now~!

Here are a few pictures of the engine I bought. Get ready to be blown away~!

This is gonna be the very heart of the car, the source its life-force. It came with a beautiful sleek black engine CAM cover and the red spark plug power cables looks awesome with it.

Just look at the engine power distribution cap~! It looks as if it’s brand new~! The previous owner of this car must have really taken care of it, either that or this car was hardly used.

If you can see the words on the engine electronic fuel injector box, it is written ‘Turbo Intercooled’… But that’s not where the turbo is. I’ve been dreaming to have this engine since I was in Form 1, can you believe it? Now I finally own it~! Praise God for His providence~!

Actually, we can’t really see where the turbo charger is because the CAM head cover is blocking it. If I manage to visit my car this weekend during it’s initial stages of its installation, I might be able to show you how the turbo charger on this engine looks like.

Here’s another top view of the engine, beautiful isn’t it? I really can’t believe I’ve finally own it~!

Last picture, I think by now, most of the girls would be so bored already. Well, I’m just very passionate about cars and I’m so grateful to God for giving me this chance to own a long lived dream...

The engine installation phase couldn’t start today because the mechanics were too busy finishing off other jobs in hand. Most like the installation will only start by this Friday. No frets people~! I’m very excited to get this phase done, but it’s safer not to rush because I want everything to be done properly. Sponsors, do continue to pray that everything will go on smoothly. I know God’s hand will be upon this project~!

“If you bring your wife to me, I will give you 50% discount!” Does this statement sound familiar? I think most of you would be able to guess who I’m going to speak about today. Haha~! Don’t be that scared, although this guy if kinda freaky most times, but he really has a good heart and is always willing to serve others. Ladies, be careful with him, gentlemen, be wary of his OUTSTADING body hair… Literally~! It is my pleasure to introduce to you a friend and a wonderful person, Ooi Ben Shyen a.k.a. The Gyne a.k.a. Harry Ooi a.k.a. Ikan Bulu a.k.a. etc…. Too many names for him already, my brains getting tired of trying to remember all of it.

Man, the first time I met this dude, it wasn’t that bad until the ice was broken. Then all hell broke loose~! Haha~! Just kidding… I admit that I did put him on my life’s ignore list because he was just so irritating~! He would say things that don’t make any sense~! Although he’s a brilliant student, an Asean scholar and IMU student, I just couldn’t stand his lameness. Learning to stay within 10 feet from him was tremendous torture for me, at that time la~! Haha~!

But above all that, when time went by, as I got to know him better, I realize that this guy isn’t so bad after all. Sure, he may still have never ending lame jokes and stupid stories to tell, but deep inside, his heart was good. He’s a natural when it comes to meeting new people. He doesn’t seem to have that shyness in him to go up and talk to people.

One thing I learnt from him is that he is never ashamed of what he believes in. Everywhere he went, we would find opportunities to bless someone and make Christ known in and through his life. That’s an amazing spirit~! He is always sharing his testimonies with people, and although some of us heard it a million times already, to the new people, I could see that it really opened up their eyes to see how Christ was working through his life.

He is also not ashamed to show off his talents to others. To a certain extent, it isn’t all that bad after all. It’s good to make it known that God has given us talents and gift, we should never hide it or be modest about it. Sometimes Ben overdoes it la, but I can see that he does it because genuinely passionate about the talents that God has blessed him with. And that’s what I caught from his life…

To Ben… It wasn’t easy getting to know you better, I guess we started off our friendship on the wrong foot. But I believe that it is God who made our friendship to be what it is today. I’ve seen so much growth in your life, how you’ve matured the past few years has been amazing. It is a miracle that we became such good friends when we started off not being able to stand each others guts. Haha~!

I’m looking forward to our weekly pool appointments, it has been fun learning a few tricks from you. I believe that the little time we have every Friday night has brought us to another level of friendship. It’s just so amazing that we’re actually seen together so much lately. Haha~!

You’ve always had a heart to learn and you’ve always not held back opportunities to share what you have with others. It takes a lot of humility and patience to learn from someone that’s younger than you, but you were willing to anyways. Keep that spirit up~! It’s a treasure that God has given to you~!

Look forward and continue to press on to the things that God has in store for you. Difficult and discouraging times may come, but if you remain in God, you will definitely pull through with great success~! Try to stop using the ‘damn’ word, it isn’t cool okay? Haha~! Always be an example for others to follow. I know that one day God will promote you to a place where many will look up to you. So honour the Lord in everything you say and do.

Thank you for being a friend, thank you for the countless times you’ve treated me for pool games, thank you for being a sponsor of this project, but most of all, even through all the difficulty in breaking the ice with you, I really thank you for your contribution in building my character. I wouldn’t be who I am today if you were not around, thanks bro~! May God add on so much more to your life this year~!

That’s all I have folks~! I may not be able to post an entry this weekend because I have to prepare for a great feast in my house~! Sponsors, I really hope you all can come~! Thanks so much people~! Will definitely update you all on the progress of this project. Till then, have a wonderful Thursday and God Bless~!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Project Report #12 - Return of The Engine

Good morning people~! It's a beautiful Tuesday morning~! Woke this morning from an awful dream, but that's not going to spoil my day~! Later tonight, we'll be having a Bible Study in Harvest Generation Church. I'm really looking forward to what God has in store for us tonight. I feel so good on the inside today, I don't even know how to describe it. There's just such peace within in that everything will be alright in the end. So WooHoo~!

God is so good~! I’ve really been having a fantastic time going through this project ever since I received that fresh revelation from God that He is in control over everything. Due to the limitations of my human mind, I tend to succumb to fear when great problems arise, but God has always been faithful to comfort me and give me assurance that His hand is over my life. Now I just can’t stop smiling because God is just so good~!

Has my situation changed? Nope… Has financial aid come in? Hmmm… Not really… Has all my bills been settled? Most certainly NOT~! So what has changed that makes me so happy? Simple, my heart changed… Because of the healing that God has brought about inside of me, I now have the strength and the power to change the situation around me through Him~! In Christ alone I will build my trust~!

Just reflecting back on what has taken place in this project, God really has been so faithful to provide. The moment I got the intuition to buy another car was the moment I found out that a good friend was selling away his car, which so happen to be my dream project car since high-school, at a very good price. Was very excited~! I could finally afford the car I’ve been dreaming to have for more 6 years~! So I prayed to God saying that if this is really for me, He will make a way for me to sell off my current car.

As I was praying, I was also pushing the sale of my car out. I placed it on advertisements, I told some of my friends about it and did everything I could to make it known that my car was out for sale. But after 3 weeks of trying to push my car out, there was not even a single buyer who called in. I was beginning to get worried, I know it’s a dumb thing to worry but aren’t we all human?

It was actually the worst possible time to try to sell a car because it was towards the turn of a new year~! As more experienced car sales people would tell you, it is impossible to get a good sales deal at that time of the year. Some people began to even tell me to jut forget about trying to sell my car because it won’t happen. What they said somehow instilled doubt in me, I was beginning to question whether is ‘dream car’ really for me. So I turned to God in prayer again…

Every time I was in the car, I declared God’s promises over the car. I prayed and prayed really hard~! And one day, a new vocabulary was inspired into my prayer was “Lord… help me sell off this car and make it a blessing to someone… But if the new car is not for me, you shut the doors… Because the doors You shut, no man can open… but I will still praise You” I came to my senses that all these things are just perishable things, things that God gives us as just additions to the greatest gift He initially gave to us through Jesus, GRACE~!

You see, God has every right NOT to bless us. Who are we to actually ask anything from God? We’re talking about a guy who made the whole universe~! Who am I to demand anything from Him? But yet God says in the Bible to ask of Him, to seek Him first and His Kingdom, and all these things shall be added unto you. You see, I realized that I cannot ask anything from God unless it is Him who allows me to. It is like how can we simply just ask anything from the King of Malaysia unless he allows us to? A lesson learnt from this is that I should never take my freedom of asking from God for granted because I have no right to ask for anything from Him in the first place, but yet still He gave us all, out of His generous heart, the privilege to ask.

“Do not be anxious over anything, but bring everything to the Lord in prayer and supplication…”

God’s timing is never our timing because His thoughts are higher than our thoughts~! Just 5 days after I said that prayer, God brought to my attention that one of my close friends was in need to buy a used car. After a little discussion with her dad, the car was sold to her. What perfect timing, God really answered my prayers. I managed to sell the car the day after Christmas of 2006, on top of that, it became a blessing to someone who really needed a car~! God's timing is so perfect~!

I was really sad to let go of my previous car though, people who know me better would know that I really loved and treasured car. But I’m overjoyed to know that now it has become a blessing to someone else. All I can say is it can only be God who has orchestrated this~! It wasn’t me or whatever anyone did, it can only be God~!

Project report~! My engine will be arriving at the workshop later this evening. My foreman will tow my engine-less car to the shop by tomorrow. I’m gonna take half-day leave from work to see the initiation of the engine installation phase. Will take lots of pictures for all of you to have a look. Sponsors, I need your prayer support, do pray that everything will go on smoothly because installing an engine can lead to many complications. Pray that nothing will go wrong, that everything would be so perfect that it would even shock the mechanics themselves. Haha~! What a testimony~! Thanks sponsors~!

I wonder if all of you have heard that Subang Jaya is being over-run by an Indonesian. She is taking on Subang Jaya by storm with her outstanding talent in singing and passion for God~! Still can’t guess who she is? I’ll give you a clue, she’s from the BATAK clan of Indonesia, the clan which use to perform human sacrifices and dine on its meat. Haha~! She’s a good friend and a person whom I really loved playing the drums for, the one and only, ELSA MALONA a.k.a. PiSa a.k.a. Sasa a.k.a. Oi Indonesia….

I had the privilege of knowing her through A.Y.A. and Acts Church. I remember seeing her a lot of times on stage singing for worship and doing song presentations. Gosh, I don’t even remember how I first met her. I guess we never got close only until mid of 2005 because I was the only drummer who was willing to play for her song presentations. Haha~! All the other drummers didn’t seem to have the time to support her, so I stepped in to help her.

We started hanging out a lot together, the nights we would go for supper with our gang or just watch stupid movies which I end up regretting, there’s always something to do when she’s around. I was kinda lonely sometimes when I was serving in Acts because by the time I was done settling everything I needed to do, everyone else would have left without me. But Elsa would always, without fail, ask me to join her and her group of friends for lunch or dinner. Although she doesn’t know it, she gave me a sense of importance, in a sense that I was not forgotten or left behind.

With her ultimate slow-ness and blur-ness of mind, there was hardly ever a dull moment with her. We would laugh and laugh over senseless things that we joked about. She was very transparent to her friends and was never ashamed to share with us her past mistakes or embarrassing moments. Her never ending tales of the humorous mishaps of her life really brightened up the days when I felt down on the inside.

Even though I may be super tired after a long day, whenever she called me to play for her song presentations, I was always there. Not because of duty or anything, although I do playfully complain to her sometimes, but because I just love serving alongside her because of her character. She would take up a singing assignment even at busiest times of her studies, and she did it with all her heart. What I caught from her is her passion to do what she was gifted to do no matter what situations that may be happening around her.

To Elsa… We had fun together with our gang didn’t we? I will never forget the times we shared just hanging out and chilling, getting our minds off from our work and just having fun. You would always involve me in your outings and I really appreciate you for the fact that you actually thought about me even though it seemed like no one else did.

Sometimes when I see you at rehearsals, you may look totally pale from a long day at campus, you still never failed to give me a smile when I came in. Although I really don’t like the way you shout out my name so loud in public that the whole building could hear you, but above that you still were not too tired to acknowledge me every time I see you. This simplicity of heart that you have really inspires me.

Thank you so much for involving me in your song performances, even though I started off as your last choice of drummers. Haha~! But I became your favourite drummer in church at the end right? Though I may always just jokingly say that when you want to sing you always pull me in the ‘waters’ along with you, I really did enjoy the times we served together and I count it a great privilege for me to have been a drummer for your presentations.

I know you must have been quite heart-broken when I decided to move on to another ministry, I could really feel the depth of it through the SMS you sent me that night. I just want you to know that I have not forgotten you, I have not forgotten all the crazy times we had, and I do miss spending time with you and our group of friends. Those were really fun times.

Continue pursuing the dreams that God has placed in your heart. I know you have a heart for the homeless and the needy, don’t ever let that passion die~! The Lord will reward you for all that you’ve given up for the sake of others. Keep up the good work in your singing, I really don’t know when I’ll be able to play for you again, but I really hope that one day I’ll have that privilege to do so again.

Love the Lord with your heart, soul and strength, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight. Build up your confidence, never look down on yourself and what you have, but in all things give thanks to Him. If you ever feel that you’re insignificant or feel that all that you’ve done didn’t matter to anyone, just look at my life, because it is my honor to declare that you’ve been such a blessing to me and have added so much value to my life. Press on, Elsa~!

This project is getting really exciting. For those of you who still can’t catch up, no worries. Take you time to read through each entry because this project blog is not just about me, but it’s about every single person involved in this project. Without them, this project would have never came to existence. Thank you all for reading, log on in the coming days to find out the progress of the engine installation phase. Have a great Tuesday and God Bless~!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Project Report #11 - Fruss Away

Hey people~! It was a wonderful Sunday today, had a really awesome time in church. Pastor Chan from CGBC, Ipoh came to speak in our service this morning. The message he shared was fantastic and so timely for me~! He shared on the topic of PRAYER and started off with an analogy of how us Christians can’t live without prayer is the same as how we can’t live without air.

He shared on a lot of areas of prayer, but one thing that stuck me most was when he said that money should never be a determining factor for decisions made in our lives. In other words, money should never DERTERMINE our lives because we should be living by FAITH~! If MONEY decides what we should do, we are allowing money to be the master of our lives. So we must take control of money and make it serve us instead of us serving it~! We must be the master over our money~!

Reflecting this message on the current situation I’m going through in this project, I was asking God why these roadblocks should happen to me. Why did He allow the accounts and financial security of this car project to be shaken? I was so at peace when I got this from the Holy Spirit.. He prompted my heart and asked me, “Didn’t you dedicate this project to Me?” I answered “Err... Yes…” Then He prompted another question in my heart saying, “Then why are you so anxious? Did you think I was out to destroy you? Wasn't I the one who brought you all the sponsors for this project? I have allowed these things to happen because I want a part of this project to be a miracle from Me. As all your sponsors have contributed, I too want a part in this project which no one can contribute to other than Me…”

I was stunned~! This was all happening in my heart when I was sitting in the service~! In other words, God was saying that He allowed one portion of this project to be impossible for any of us to fulfill because He wants to contribute a miracle for me~! I just sat there and praised God, I started thanking Him for all you guys and your contributions. I thanked God for all the doors He has opened for me to own my dream car. I was so lifted in my spirit, I couldn’t stop smiling~!

To tell you the truth, my finances were so secure at the initial stages of this project that I didn’t bother to pray so much in the aspect of finances for this project. So God had to shake the very core of the flow of this project, which is money, to remind me that my dependence and security for this project is NOT in my bank account, but in HIM alone. God has brought me a place where I needed to depend on Him again because this project belongs to Him.

What is the first word in GPFC? It is GOD~! So if God is the head of this project, why did I depend on Him in every aspect of the project except in finances? It’s a lesson learnt that I should never find my security in money no matter how much I have. I should have depended on God even in the areas where I felt most secure. Hope this applies to all you people reading this as well.

With this fresh revelation in my mind, I have full confidence that I’ll be able to complete this project with no debts in the end. Because this project belongs to God, I shall let Him take charge over it. I will never find my security anything other than in Him alone. This project is officially in God’s hands now. He is faithful~! He will provide~! And in the end this project, great testimonies will be produced to glorify His name alone~! Money does NOT move the hand of God, but PRAYER does~! Hence the title of this report... Fruss Away... it just means that all my frustrations has been taken away because there's always hope in Jesus~!

Project report~! I found my engine last Friday~! WooHoo~! Praise God the hunt has finally come to an end. According to my foreman, the engine is in very good condition and very low mileage. One problem solved~! The engine installation phase will start either by this coming Tuesday or Wednesday. God is indeed faithful to provide~!

However, I had to buy the engine at quite a hefty price. As I have mentioned in my first News Flash, all the expenses have been confirmed. I was cracking my head to work out the accounts so that I won’t end up overspending for this project, and although I failed to curb the expenses, God has given me the boldness and the assurance that He will take care of it~! Don’t worry people, God will make a way where there seems to be no way~! He will work in ways that man’s strengths alone cannot achieve, He will make a way~! Sponsors~! Do continue to pray that God’s hand will continue to be over this project. Pray also that I will have the wisdom to manage every aspect of this project, that I will continue to depend on Him alone. Thanks sponsors~!

Did you all realize that I have only one Indian dude on the ‘Boot of Sponsors’? This dude is an awesome guy, he’s one of the people I had a privilege to meet when I was serving in A.Y.A. and CampusCity… This guy has an enormous heart for people and can never stop making jokes about his own ethnics in Klang. It is my great honour to introduce to you to the one, the only… CHRIS THIRUCHELVAM a.k.a. Klang Indian a.k.a. Beruang Combo a.k.a. Chris TAY~! Why is he called Chris TAY? Well, maybe you should ask him yourself about the relationship he has with Calvin Tay. Don’t worry, I’m very CERTAIN that their both STRAIGHT guys. Haha~!

I first met him when I returned to CampusCity after a few months of not attending their meetings. Bear with me, I was at a black-sliden state at that time of my life. One of my friends who serving in the ministry asked me to join the Worship Team of CampusCity and introduced me to Chris, who was at that time the Head of the music/worship department. So he auditioned me and of course I passed la. Not bragging, but my skills were all I had to offer at that time.

As time went by, GIGs after GIGs, ministering in different places together, I began to find myself attracted to something Chris had that I don’t at that time. I may have more skills and experience in terms of music, but Chris had something more valuable than that which I didn’t have, the HEART. God values our heart more than our hands, He values what we give Him from our hearts that what we can do for Him with our hands. That was what I caught from Chris, the passion and the heart to run after things that matter to God the most…

The were a few occasions where he had to correct me and watch out for me because of all the stupid things I use do last time. I really thank God for bringing him and the leadership of CampusCity to guide and lead me, to shape and mold me to become a better person in character and attitude. The fruits of their labor do show today because I can say that I’ve become a better person because of their willingness to teach me…

To Chris… first thing’s first, STOP MAKING FUN OF YOUR INDIAN BROTHERS IN KLANG~! Haha~! You’re one great guy, I cannot even begin to thank you for all the things you’ve done in my life because it would take me days to write it all out. Through the years of serving alongside you, I’m so inspired by you and how willing you are to let God work in and through your life. What I caught from you in the area of leadership, worship and a heart for the people will be deeply treasured in my spirit.

When I was serving in the band with you, you were always so humble to hear everyone out about their opinions and you would receive any form of correction with a great attitude. That’s a priceless attribute that God has placed in your life. I struggled with a lot of pride in the past, I wasn’t very teachable because I thought I knew everything there is to know about worship, but after watching your life and the lives of the people serving in CampusCity, my mindset was broken and I was totally changed…

I am who I am today because of your willingness for God to work through you to get to me. The times we shared just laughing and having fun, the times where we would pray and seek God together as a team, the times where we ministered together in different rallies and concerts, those are the times that will forever be engraved and cherished in my heart. If my life was a book, I can proudly say that you’ve written one of the best chapters in it. Thank you for being a sponsor of this project, and more importantly, a sponsor of my life, because you have contributed to who I am today..

I forgot to acknowledge that it was Chris’s 23rd birthday a few days back~! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS~! May the Lord continue to grow your passion, may He continue to bring increase into your life and stretch your tent of influence wherever you’re placed. Stay in the Lord and see the great things He can do through your life that will blow you away. No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind can comprehend what God has in store for those who love Him and put their trust in Him… Blessed Birthday to you, my INDIAN brother and friend~!

This is the end of today’s project report. I hope all that I’ve shared so far has inspired you. Do log on this coming week to find out the next phase of this project which is the Engine Installation Phase. Do shout out wahtever that's on your mind in the chatter box. Thank you for Have a reading~!great new week ahead people~! God Bless~!