Friday, October 1, 2010

Project Report #41 - Stand By Me

It’s Friday again! Always look forward to the weekends because I know tonight there’s cell group and Sunday is coming up soon. I’m always very excited to see and experience what God has in store for us. We just celebrated our church 4th Anniversary! Harvest Generation Church is now 4 years old!

Last week at our Breakthrough Service, we had a breakthrough attendance for a normal weekend service; 109 people came! Then in the night, at our Anniversary Celebration Dinner, we had about 112 people! God has been so faithful to us as a church, we are really growing!

This month has been a very packed month for all of us, events after events, visiting our members, bible-study classes and a lot more that’s going on. I made a big mistake by neglecting my health in the heat of getting everything done; hence I was down with a viral infection and fever for 2 days. I literally couldn’t even walk straight without having ‘drum solos’ in my head.

Praise God, I’m completely healed now. It's a hard lesson I had to learn; despite being busy with everything, making time for people, I have to also learn to make time to keep myself healthy. I cannot be ignorant and arrogant about my health, I’m no ironman. It’s my responsibility to take care of the people under me and myself as well.

Next week some of us guys will be following Pastor Ryan to Penang again. This time we’ll be visiting City Harvest Church Penang because Rev Kong Hee will be doing a special service there. It’s very exciting and such a privilege to go see Pastor Kong preach in person again.

I have to admit that I was reluctant to go when Pastor Ryan asked me to follow him. You can say that I lacked faith because I’m not exactly in the best financial state now to travel. But after a day of just complaining and praying to God in my solitude, the Holy Spirit just convicted my heart to just submit and align myself to Pastor Ryan’s leadership.

I learned that submitting and aligning myself is not about being a ‘Yes’ man, it’s not about throwing my brains out and stop thinking, it’s not about giving up my dreams and vision, but it is about honoring the authority that God has placed on Pastor over my life. There must be something that Pastor wants me to catch; I know he won't ask me to do anything that will put me in a position of loss.

Obedience is greater than Sacrifice; Obedience is always much harder that Sacrifice. Why? Because sacrifice is by choice but obedience challenges your will and comfort.

Pastor Ryan is most anointed man in Harvest Generation Church. If I want to build this church, I must align myself with Pastor Ryan; to trust the anointing, leadership, guidance and authority of this man that God has placed as the Senior Pastor of this church. I know through this, my life will grow in every aspect. Discipleship is ‘strength under control’; There’s no point having strength, talents and abilities when there’s no control and direction.

I love my Pastor and I know God is gonna bring us as a church and individually from faith to faith, strength to strength and glory to glory through this man. Growth is never comfortable, progress always requires effort; Only dead things don’t grow and are motionless. Our church is ALIVE!

Tomorrow evening, we’ll be having a special Heart to Heart Talk with Hannah Yeoh, the State Assemblymen of Subang Jaya district. She’s one of the person I really admire; He tenacity in building an honest and honorable government in our country, yet not neglecting her commitment to her family and her service to her church. What a great testimony!

That’s all I have for today, I hope all of you will have a great weekend ahead! Last note, on behalf of Harvest Generaton Church, our deepest condolences to Whay Chiat and his family for the passing-on of his father. Our prayers are with Whay Chiat and his family.