Monday, October 15, 2007

Project Report #25 - I Know What WE Did This Raya...

Hey Sponsors, it’s been a long time since I made my last entry. I do deeply apologize for this because lately I’ve been assigned with 3 major development projects in my company and have been working late almost everyday for the past 2 months. God has been really good to me~! He’ has brought me to a place in my career where my skills are really being tested and proven to the max~! I’m now juggling between handling work, church stuff, family, friends, my small business and some investment planning all simultaneously and I’ve not been sick even for a single day~! That’s a great testimony in itself~!

Today is our Hari Raya holiday and our church had an outing this morning to Bukit Cheraka, or for me I always called it BukitCelaka (want to find out why? Ask Ben Shyen or Jon Foo about their experience there). When we reached there, guess what? It was CLOSED~! Haha~! All our efforts to want to cycle there went down to the drain. So we diverted our entire outing to FRIM in Kepong. For those of you super sheltered people who have never had a real jungle-trekking experience before, this place is a good place to start.

When we arrived there, we found out there were no bicycles available for rent, they had no such service there. So we decided to jungle trek instead. I tell you, I was super geram at some people who were so easily freaked by little insects and leaches. We were not even 200m from the entrance of the track and a few people already started to scream helplessly and demanded for us to turn back because they saw a few leaches on their shoes. Man, when I have kids, I will definitely expose them these kinda jungle stuff even though they will be raised in the city, then they won’t grow up as ignorant sissies~! Haha~!

Lesson of the trip? Never bring super-sheltered girls and guys to any jungle outings. I really wanted to whack up the sissy guys in our group though, but by God’s grace, I was merciful. Haha~! Just kidding... I got a leach bite by the way, I showed it to the ones that were freaked out and told them that it was not painful at all. I even plucked it out from my leg. So people, please go expose yourselves to jungle or forest adventures~!

The working people in our church have been experiencing breakthroughs lately. Many of them got their increments and even good comments from their managers about their work. Even for myself, my boss just sat down with our team and told us that we’re doing a fantastic job compare to the people who came before us. I believe that all of us are where we are today not by chance or by accident, but it’s because of the character that was build within us.

Ps Ryan has been going through a series of messages with us in the area of discipleship and it has been a great blessing to us as a church. The leaders have really been growing and progressing in the marketplace because we were challenged to develop and build an excellent character. Ps Ryan always told us that “Money can buy your performance, all the company has to do is to pay you more and you will work harder for them, but money can NEVER buy your character…” These every words have been stuck to my heart every single day as go to work and run my business.

It’s been challenging to keep up sometimes, there are a lot of times where I just wanted to react towards some of the situations in my company, but I believe it was God who has brought me through all this to develop character in me. And because of all that I’ve learnt in church and molded over time, I have not reacted negatively during my working days.

Many mistakes have been made, and I do regret making them. Sometimes I really felt hiding the mistakes hoping that no one else will find out, or maybe put the blame on someone else. Like the bible says, our hearts are deceitful. But every time there was a temptation to do such a despicable act, I was always reminded by the Holy Spirit that I am supposed to be salt and the light in my company. That I was called to make a difference and to live out the difference. Difficult as it may seem, and much remedial work to bear, I owned up to my mistakes and took responsibility over it. It was not easy, but I had the peace in my heart every time I admitted to my mistakes…

One of the leaders of our church, Calvin Tay, has always owned up to his mistakes and there have been a lot of testimonies about his employers commenting that he’s the only employee that receives criticism and correction with great attitude. These testimonies really inspires me to push myself to do the right thing even though the ‘escape’ path is prominent.

Is it very though to live for God in the marketplace? Nope… But is it very easy to live for God in the marketplace? No also.. As long as we’re walking right with God and have a strong solid relationship with Him, He will always see us through any obstacles and challenges. God will not put us in a challenge or testing which He knows we'll not be able to overcome. Our character can only be molded through trying times. It is these times that the filth in us will be purged out and dealt with if we choose to respond positively. Just like what someone once said, the only way to get rid of the worms from the ground is to heat the ground up~! I myself am not perfect but I know I'm being perfected when I choose to respond instead of react.

God is really after our character and attitude. If we desire to have great attitude and character, He will definitely grant it to us. But we ourselves have to walk with God closely. So people, if you desire for great character, get ready for great challenges~! The problems that will come maybe huge, but the rewards reaped after you overcome are beyond what mere words can describe. Press on people~! Those of you who are seeking a breakthrough, don’t give up~! God always has a promise in every problem, once you understand and harness that promise to you life, your breakthrough will come. The longer you take to harness the promise, the longer you will be in that same problem. So be ready for a great testings that will birth forth great testimonies~! It will be so so sweet~!

My annual appraisal will be coming soon and I’m praying that my bonus and raise would be sufficient for me to invest more in other avenues of profit. Yes people, I’m now a very business minded person since I’ve entered into the working world. It’s not because I just wanna get rich, retire and do nothing after that, but I know that God has given me a gifting in business that I’m slowly cultivating and nurturing as I progress in seeking Him and putting my hands to the plow. Plus I really need the money to ultimately build my music institute remember?

Project Report~! My car is now in superb running condition beside some minor stuff that needs to be replaced. I will be doing up the brakes next month because the current ones are really old and rusty, thus lessening my braking capability. It will cost quite a lot but it’s alright~! I know that as I’ve sown though my tithes and offering, God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory~! The signing session has to be put on hold for awhile as I am pretty packed almost every other day. so I’m planning to have the signing session on the next time I invite all you guys and gals to come over to my place for makan again. That would make it easier for all of us to meet. I really can’t wait to see all you again, especially some of you from Acts. It’s been so long since we’ve met up.

I will upload some of the recent minor modifications I’ve made to the car if I can get my hand on a digital camera. If you guys didn’t know, I’ve never owned a digital camera in my life. All the pictures in this blog project have been taken from the cameras of Ps Ryan, Daphne and Nick Chan. I’m still praying for a good digi-cam, but haven’t been able to afford one yet.

Alright people, that’s all I have for today. I hope that my little sharing has encouraged and blessed some of you. Please feel free to flood my chatbox as flooble is threatening to shut it down due to its inactivity. Haha~! Take care people, have a great week and God Bless~!