Monday, October 15, 2007

Project Report #25 - I Know What WE Did This Raya...

Hey Sponsors, it’s been a long time since I made my last entry. I do deeply apologize for this because lately I’ve been assigned with 3 major development projects in my company and have been working late almost everyday for the past 2 months. God has been really good to me~! He’ has brought me to a place in my career where my skills are really being tested and proven to the max~! I’m now juggling between handling work, church stuff, family, friends, my small business and some investment planning all simultaneously and I’ve not been sick even for a single day~! That’s a great testimony in itself~!

Today is our Hari Raya holiday and our church had an outing this morning to Bukit Cheraka, or for me I always called it BukitCelaka (want to find out why? Ask Ben Shyen or Jon Foo about their experience there). When we reached there, guess what? It was CLOSED~! Haha~! All our efforts to want to cycle there went down to the drain. So we diverted our entire outing to FRIM in Kepong. For those of you super sheltered people who have never had a real jungle-trekking experience before, this place is a good place to start.

When we arrived there, we found out there were no bicycles available for rent, they had no such service there. So we decided to jungle trek instead. I tell you, I was super geram at some people who were so easily freaked by little insects and leaches. We were not even 200m from the entrance of the track and a few people already started to scream helplessly and demanded for us to turn back because they saw a few leaches on their shoes. Man, when I have kids, I will definitely expose them these kinda jungle stuff even though they will be raised in the city, then they won’t grow up as ignorant sissies~! Haha~!

Lesson of the trip? Never bring super-sheltered girls and guys to any jungle outings. I really wanted to whack up the sissy guys in our group though, but by God’s grace, I was merciful. Haha~! Just kidding... I got a leach bite by the way, I showed it to the ones that were freaked out and told them that it was not painful at all. I even plucked it out from my leg. So people, please go expose yourselves to jungle or forest adventures~!

The working people in our church have been experiencing breakthroughs lately. Many of them got their increments and even good comments from their managers about their work. Even for myself, my boss just sat down with our team and told us that we’re doing a fantastic job compare to the people who came before us. I believe that all of us are where we are today not by chance or by accident, but it’s because of the character that was build within us.

Ps Ryan has been going through a series of messages with us in the area of discipleship and it has been a great blessing to us as a church. The leaders have really been growing and progressing in the marketplace because we were challenged to develop and build an excellent character. Ps Ryan always told us that “Money can buy your performance, all the company has to do is to pay you more and you will work harder for them, but money can NEVER buy your character…” These every words have been stuck to my heart every single day as go to work and run my business.

It’s been challenging to keep up sometimes, there are a lot of times where I just wanted to react towards some of the situations in my company, but I believe it was God who has brought me through all this to develop character in me. And because of all that I’ve learnt in church and molded over time, I have not reacted negatively during my working days.

Many mistakes have been made, and I do regret making them. Sometimes I really felt hiding the mistakes hoping that no one else will find out, or maybe put the blame on someone else. Like the bible says, our hearts are deceitful. But every time there was a temptation to do such a despicable act, I was always reminded by the Holy Spirit that I am supposed to be salt and the light in my company. That I was called to make a difference and to live out the difference. Difficult as it may seem, and much remedial work to bear, I owned up to my mistakes and took responsibility over it. It was not easy, but I had the peace in my heart every time I admitted to my mistakes…

One of the leaders of our church, Calvin Tay, has always owned up to his mistakes and there have been a lot of testimonies about his employers commenting that he’s the only employee that receives criticism and correction with great attitude. These testimonies really inspires me to push myself to do the right thing even though the ‘escape’ path is prominent.

Is it very though to live for God in the marketplace? Nope… But is it very easy to live for God in the marketplace? No also.. As long as we’re walking right with God and have a strong solid relationship with Him, He will always see us through any obstacles and challenges. God will not put us in a challenge or testing which He knows we'll not be able to overcome. Our character can only be molded through trying times. It is these times that the filth in us will be purged out and dealt with if we choose to respond positively. Just like what someone once said, the only way to get rid of the worms from the ground is to heat the ground up~! I myself am not perfect but I know I'm being perfected when I choose to respond instead of react.

God is really after our character and attitude. If we desire to have great attitude and character, He will definitely grant it to us. But we ourselves have to walk with God closely. So people, if you desire for great character, get ready for great challenges~! The problems that will come maybe huge, but the rewards reaped after you overcome are beyond what mere words can describe. Press on people~! Those of you who are seeking a breakthrough, don’t give up~! God always has a promise in every problem, once you understand and harness that promise to you life, your breakthrough will come. The longer you take to harness the promise, the longer you will be in that same problem. So be ready for a great testings that will birth forth great testimonies~! It will be so so sweet~!

My annual appraisal will be coming soon and I’m praying that my bonus and raise would be sufficient for me to invest more in other avenues of profit. Yes people, I’m now a very business minded person since I’ve entered into the working world. It’s not because I just wanna get rich, retire and do nothing after that, but I know that God has given me a gifting in business that I’m slowly cultivating and nurturing as I progress in seeking Him and putting my hands to the plow. Plus I really need the money to ultimately build my music institute remember?

Project Report~! My car is now in superb running condition beside some minor stuff that needs to be replaced. I will be doing up the brakes next month because the current ones are really old and rusty, thus lessening my braking capability. It will cost quite a lot but it’s alright~! I know that as I’ve sown though my tithes and offering, God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory~! The signing session has to be put on hold for awhile as I am pretty packed almost every other day. so I’m planning to have the signing session on the next time I invite all you guys and gals to come over to my place for makan again. That would make it easier for all of us to meet. I really can’t wait to see all you again, especially some of you from Acts. It’s been so long since we’ve met up.

I will upload some of the recent minor modifications I’ve made to the car if I can get my hand on a digital camera. If you guys didn’t know, I’ve never owned a digital camera in my life. All the pictures in this blog project have been taken from the cameras of Ps Ryan, Daphne and Nick Chan. I’m still praying for a good digi-cam, but haven’t been able to afford one yet.

Alright people, that’s all I have for today. I hope that my little sharing has encouraged and blessed some of you. Please feel free to flood my chatbox as flooble is threatening to shut it down due to its inactivity. Haha~! Take care people, have a great week and God Bless~!

Monday, July 23, 2007

NEWS FLASH #4 - Harvest Generation EP Launch~!

Hey people~! The time that everyone is waiting for is finally here~! We're launching our album this coming Saturday, 28th July 2007, 8pm at Harvest Generation Church. Please note that every single cent collected from the sales of this album will be contributed to the Street Church Ministry in Petaling Street, down town KL.

If you don't know what the Street Church does, let me briefly explain it to you. They focus on ministering to the homeless, drug addicts, and the even some street gangsters through acts of providence and love. Through their act of love and living out the Gospel instead of shoving it down people's throats, many hardcore druggies and street thugs are now saved in Christ and serving in this church. If you had the time to hear their testimonies, it will bring you to tears...

In summary, this ministry adds value to the lives of the people who never thought that their lives had value through their acts of compassion.

So come support us this weekend and I assure you that every cent you contribute will help add value to someone's life~!

For inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me directly of ask my through my chatterbox.

I really hope to see all of you there this Saturday~!

God Bless~!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Hie people~! You are all welcome to our new church premise for a BBQ. It's gonna be great food and performances so come and chill out at out rooftop BBQ. There will be performances by Lenny, a Sabahan singer with a superb voice, a degree holder in singing performances arts, and also a performance by Jone Yeoh, the record holder of the fastest person to complete the entire drumming course.

Jone will be doing a drums duet with me, so don't miss this rare performance~!

For more inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me directly~!

Looking forward to seeing you there~!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Project Report #24 - Cool Runnings

Hey Sponsors~! It’s a nice Saturday afternoon, I’m finally a little free to make a blog entry. Just met up with a supplier not too long ago, trying to get some performance parts for my car and for some clients as well. Just to let you all, I’m currently trying to start off a business in the aftermarket automotive industry. In Malaysia, this business is really growing fast, so I’m just starting off really really small, but slowly I want to build contacts, seal contracts and launch out in the near future. Do pray with me that God will help me in this business…

Let me share with you the reason behind me intending to start a business. Sure, cars are my interest, but the purpose of this business is not just that. I think many of you know about my vision on building a full fledge music institute. Maybe now you’re wondering, what does cars have to do with music? Well, this entry will explain everything.

Music has been my passion since the early days of my life. I was found setting up pots, pans and containers in my kitchen and played with it as though it was a drum set with a cassette playing the background, this was when I was 4 years old. My love for music almost died when I took up piano lessons at about 6 years of age, one thing was because my teachers were not really good and I just didn’t like playing the piano at all, especially classical piece. I have nothing against classical music, but too much of it really drained the life out of me…

So I stopped piano when I was about 9 years old, took up contemporary keyboards with a good friend name Beatrice, I was also a frequent participant in Aubrey Suwito’s keyboard clinics. This was the time when I was so inspired to be a jazz musician because of the soul and life behind the music. But again, I didn’t continue pursuing my keyboarding because I knew it was not my passion.

So eventually I picked up the drums when I was 11, and have been at it ever since. At that time, my dad had just resigned from his well paid job to pursue his ministry. Thus my family couldn’t afford to send me to official drumming lessons from professional teachers. So I had to settle learning the drums from my church drummers, which actually helped me in developing the ability to worship and sing while playing.

I am very grateful to one person who has been always supportive of my music ministry since I started showing interest in the drum. His support in love, finances, encouragement and inspiration has really pushed me to be the musician I am today. He is none other than my uncle, Danny Siew, whom I’m so honored to have being a sponsor of the car project as well. He has taught me everything he knew about music and encouraged me to go on further. He was the first person to buy me a pair of drumsticks, guitar effects and many more other music equipment. The latest thing he gave me was a practice drum kit, which is in very god use now for me…

During my early secondary school days, I use to save up money to go for drumming clinics everywhere. I was very interested to learn from anyone who knew more than me. I was even ready to pay RM70 bucks for just 1 hour of class with a professional teacher. Though I couldn’t afford it on a weekly basis, I use to not eat during recess and use my money to pay off my drumming fees. With the connection with various drummers, I found a part time job as a sessionist with a band. We played in different hotels, restaurants and sometimes pubs. I was a very different person then, my friends would always bring me out to do stuff that I regret doing. I was practically backsliding because of my pursuance in music.

Only after my SPM, I got my fire back for God and this was when I got my vision to build a music institute. I still remember it so clearly. It was during the Youth Alive Conference in Penang, when Planet Shakers first came to Malaysia and held a big rally, Ps Chris Long was preaching about doing something for our nation. He said that we don’t have to look far and wide to make a difference in our nation, we just have to look at what we have in our hands and surrender it to God, and He will direct you. He asked each take up our passion and not look down on it even though it may be small at that time. He challenged us to think big with the little we have~!

As I sat there and listened, I was really moved in my spirit. I kept asking God, what can I do to impact my nation. Then there the Holy Spirit asked, “What is your passion? What is that something that has been burning within you that has not died since you were young?”…. I answered, “Music… my passion is to become a professional musician”. I knew then that God has plans for me to excel in my musical ability.

I went home and prayed, I continued to ask God over and over again, “How can I make an impact to in my country with music?”… I knew that the Malaysian music industry was in the dumps and there were no prospects other than mat rock~! It wasn’t until 1 year later that God revealed to me how I was to use music to impact the community, by teaching music, but at that time, my family still wasn’t doing too well I couldn’t afford professional certification. So how? Stuck again? Nope... because God was preparing me slowly.

Finally, during my early university days, my parents could afford to send me for official lessons with the well renowned John Thomas, one of the youngest drumming prodigies of Malaysia. I was under him for about a year plus, and eventually I had to stop because of other commitments. But my lessons with him really helped me develop my techniques in different kinds of styles and genres.

With these skills drilled into me, I could finally be good enough to teach drummers at initial grades. So I did so for about 2 years, first I thought in a small music school in SS2, then I went in to help Actstream Academy by teaching drums there. I’ve done many gigs in and out of church, many recording sessions with different people. But at the end, I still was not satisfied because it wasn’t enough. I still was not professionally certified to qualify as an official drums teacher.

So now comes the part where I explain to you how I will get my professional qualification. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been pondering how I’m gonna fund my music education. I’ve been considering various businesses and second jobs. Lately for the past 8 months of praying, I felt the peace to start off something small in the aftermarket car industry. This business which I intend to build is for the purpose funding my music degree. Why a business? Main reason is because when this business becomes self-sustaining, and when I am able to hire workers to run things for me, I can free up my day to take up my music degree and still generate income to support my studies.

If I were to work a full-time job for another company, I won’t have time to do such a thing. I know it would take time for a business to self-sustain, but I’m willing to work hard to see my the vision that God has given to me come to past. Even if it doesn’t, at least I’ve tried my very very best.

FACT: Did you know that music has the ability to penetrate into all levels of society, young and old, any race of any religion of any social standing. I believe that the interest in learning music is not limited to only a small group of people. Therefore, by setting up a renown music institute which offers courses all the way to professional levels, I can impact the community through the teaching of music.

MY VISION: To not just to teach music and develop great musicians in terms of skills, but also to build character, commitment and moral values that will produce students who are great musicians in skill and stature. There’s no point in being high skilled but no character, it’s useless. But can you imagine the impact of music teaching when coupled with the principles from the Word of God. I’m not gonna preach to my students and force them to believe in Jesus, but as I teach, as my teachers teach, I pray that our lives will leave an impression that Christ lives in us, thus introducing Christ through our behavior, commitment, convictions, excellence and character.

So people, now you know why I want to start off a car performance business. Hope you people will support me in this through your prayers. If you wanna support me in my car business, please let me know if you need anything done with your car. I will gladly serve you and help you get the best deals.

Project Report~! My car is in the shop now for some upgrades. I’m installing a new front mount intercooler, a sports air-filter and a blow-off-valve. Please pray with me that everything will go through smoothly, no mishaps or mistakes. Below are some pictures of the car upgrading work…

This is the top view of the engine, look at the new stainless steel intake pipes I’m installing. The airflow will superb for improved engine response. Notice how clean the engine top looks now, I had to repaint it myself, but I’m gonna change the engine over to a Ford one really soon, it’s gonna be a nice dark chevvy orange colour tone.

Here’s the front of the car, my bumper was removed to fit in my front mount intercooler. It’s brand new, so still haven’t opened from the wrapper. If you wanna know briefly how an intercooler works, just CLICK HERE.

The intercooler brand is INFINITE. This intercooler has many good reviews about it and I got it at a very good price, brand new~!

Another front view of the intercooler, isn’t it a beauty? There will be stainless steel pipings running from the intercooler with blue silicon adapters to join the pipes with the intercooler.

Last picture from the top front of the intercooler. This item has been in my hunting list for very long already, but I was just waiting for the finances to come in so I can buy it.

Alright people, that’s all I have for today~! Sorry for the long wait for my entry, I will try my best to make another one by next week with the full installations completed. Then this car is gonna look and perform really well. Sponsors, take note that the signing phase will begin within the next few weeks~! See you all then~! God Bless~!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Project Report #23 - Backlash~!

Good morning people~! Another new week to face whole new set of challenges for the purpose of making us better people, I sound so philosophical.. Haha~! It’s been 3 weeks since I last made my entry. Again, I’ve been caught up with many things at work, in church and of course, this project. I’ve also recently started up my drum classes again, so my free time is really being shortened as the days go by, but it’s alright~! I really enjoy th pace of my life… I rather be busy than to be bored with nothing to do…

We had Ps Chan from CGBC Ipoh to speak in our Sunday service again yesterday, we had a great time with him. His message this time was about Christians In The Marketplace. It was a very good message and I believe all of us were really blessed by it. What is the Marketplace? How do we define Marketplace? There are a lot of different people giving good definitions like “the market place is wherever God places you…” or “the marketplace where you’re working or studying…” which all of it is very true. But Ps Chan gave a definition that I heard for the first time, he said the marketplace is anywhere that is beyond the church and your close family.

It got me thinking awhile what he meant, then I realized what he’s saying is that the marketplace is beyond the people who we are usually comfortable hanging around with. That makes so much sense to me now. Ps Chan emphasized this by using Jesus’ ministry as an example, he said Jesus didn’t only minister to the people he knew closely…He also went out to the people that He didn’t know very well to minister, to teach them the word, to heal them of their sicknesses, to perform miracles…

Why would Jesus do such a thing? Why would He do good to people who He didn’t even know? The answer lies in the understanding of why Jesus came to us in the first place. Many people don’t know what Jesus’ mission was when He came to us 2000 years ago, I know all of you all will say that Jesus came to save the lost, to redeem and reconcile man back to God, but is that all Jesus came to do? The answer is NO~!

Jesus’ ultimate mission wasn’t just to conquer sin and death, His ultimate mission was to reveal the True God to us. What does it mean to reveal the True God? Simple, to live a life of obedience to fulfill every plan and purpose that God has so that God’s power is revealed to others through His life… Jesus never ever went against the will of the Father, that’s why He lived a live of revealing the True God…

We are called to be imitators of Christ, therefore we too are to live a life revealing the True God in our own marketplaces. Through what we do wherever we’re placed, the responses and reactions we choose, our conduct and behavior, our speech, all this will reveal the god that lives in us… If Christ is the one who’s living in us, all that we do and say would be Christ-like. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, no word release from your mouth is by accident… unless you got speak defect la… Haha~!

Always remember, we were never made for ourselves. The blessings that we have were never just for our own enjoyment. There’s always a bigger cause and purpose to why we’re blessed. The Bible clearly states that we are blessed in abundance to be a blessing to others. Since we were blessed with the love of Christ that is so abundant, why not share it with someone else? That love didn’t come from you anyway, it came from Jesus… It is like me giving you RM50 to bring someone out for lunch, you would gladly do it because the money was given to you and not from your own pocket… Jesus gave you the love to love others, don’t try to love people with your own strength, its very tiring… draw from Him and you will be able to be generous with your love... You will only feel that sense of fulfillment when you accomplish what God has made you to accomplish… Cheers~!

Project Report~! I’ve hit another dead-end in my car ownership grant. It seems that the worse case scenario has happened, I thought it was all settled but I was so wrong. It turns out that the information on my insurance is different from the information printed on my car grant. Therefore it has caused many problems in insurance coverage and ownership transfer. This has caused my new engine number to not be able to be inserted to my new car grant. My insurance agent and JPJ officer is working up a plan to remedy this situation. All I can do now is pray, so sponsors please pray with me… This is serious, if this issue doesn’t clear, the documents will be compromised and the car will be clamped down… Thanks people~!

Today I’m gonna share about a person that’s filled with hot air… No la, just kidding... Haha~! This person is a dear friend and a really cool person to hang out with. I have no idea why she has a great obsession to want to blast Britney Spears’ ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ song with my car sound system. I actually really hate the song… and the singer also la… glad that she’s bald now… Hehe.. Sidetracked~! Okok.. it is my great privilege to introduce to you my dear friend… Michelle Ng a.k.a. ZeeKEE a.k.a. Mitchy a.k.a. Michillee a.k.a. Monkey…

Did you realize that is you did anything to prank her or scare her, her first response is to call you “Monkey”? Haha~! Either she’s reminding of my surname of her own last name. Anyway, I can’t really remember how I actually first met Mitchy. We just got along as we mixed with the same group of friends. I use to think she was some spoilt rich kid from Muar… I meant what else can I think right? People drive Wira, she drive Waja… I accident my Wira and got an old Ford, she accident her Toyota Altis and got a new Honda Civic... Haha~!

But she’s a very pleasant person to be around with. You will hardly catch her in a foul mood or not smiling, even when she’s really tired she will make an effort to fit in a smile or a witty remark. Her willingness to serve others is amazing~! Last time when she was staying in PJ, she use to send Cheryl Mohan back all the way to Segambut, near Jinjang, every week without fail. Not just for one church meeting, but for a few church events as well. You could see that she’s dead tired after a long day of classes, but she has not rejected her offer to serve others…

She has this habit of eating that really pisses me off sometimes… actually, all the time la. Haha~! Did you know that when she finishes her meal, she would always leave at least a spoon-full of food on the plate? No matter how much or how little she orders, every dish must be left with a little bit of the food on the plate.. The more annoying thing is, she would refuse to just swallow that last spoon-full no matter you say. Like Jesus, I have to learn to love her with her shortcomings as well… Haha~!

This gal is one strong gal, she has been through so much in her life, her studies, church and ministry, and even crisis in the family. Yet she held on to the promises of God and made it through all the trials with great success and great testimonies. Her life is really an inspiration and an example to all of how God can come through no matter what the situations are if we just choose not to give up and hold on strong to His principals.

To Mitchy… we’re served together for quite some time already haven’t we? I want you to know that I’ve had a wonder time working alongside you when I was in CampusCity and Acts Church. Your fa├žade always brightened up the room because we could hardly ever catch you with a long face. I know many people are scared of me when they first see me, but everyone feels really comfortable when they first see you and talk to you…

You have the gift of connecting with people, your genuine love and care for others is one of you very strong points. Continue cultivating that strength and I know many many people will be blessed and inspired. In many ways we are so different, yet we manage to become good friends. It’s really a miracle from God la, Haha~! But you’re life has really inspired me to put my trust in God no matter how bleak the situation is.

Don’t hold back in sharing those testimonies you have with others. They are accounted to you for a reason, many people out there need to know the truth that you have in you. Things may sometimes seem out of hand, times many bring more stress and pressure, raging tempest all around you, but trust in the Lord, renew your strength in Him, let His peace guard your heart and you will come out of any situation successful, becoming a greater person than you were before…

I’m looking forward to the day we get to meet up again for a meal or anything… It has been quite awhile since I really had any time to talk and spend time with you and the others. Although we chat a lot, nothing beats meeting up face to face. Thank you for being part of this project, thank you for being so willing to be a sponsor, thank you for all the thing you may have done unknowingly that has blessed and inspired me and so many others… Above all, thank you for being a sponsor of my life… the very least you’ve done has made me who I am today..

Another end to another entry, I don’t know when I will have the time to make the next entry but I will keep all of you posted~! If no entries are made I will make quick updates on my chatterbox, do check it once in a awhile to find out what’s going on. Thanks for reading, I hope this entry has been a blessing to you all… Have a great week ahead and God bless~!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Project Report #22 - Life House

Hey Sponsors~! It’s been a great few days of rest for me because of the public holidays, other than my little eczema attack, everything else is going along fine. I just realized that I only made one entry in April, very sorry about that. I was really busy last month, I hope things won’t get too hectic this month though.

As promised, I shall now unveil the pictures of the new premise of Harvest Generation Church…. I shall take you on a tour with pictures and descriptions as though you were walking in the place in real life… Forgive me if the pictures are not so nice, I’m just a casual photographer… Without further adew, let’s begin our tour… *drum roll*

To start off the tour, I now invite you to our church premise. You would have to go through these beautiful crystal glass doors. It’s not so easy to clean them okay… So please keep your hands off it and use the handles to open and close it~! Haha~!

Now you are passing by the entrance aisle, the walls in this aisle are paneled with tainted glass. The lightings and the glass gives a very elegant feel to the surroundings as you enter the church… Soon, this area will be an information counter area.

As you walk in through the entrance aisle, right in front of you would be the lounge area. We had a few in-house designers pick out the colour themes, lights and furniture. The ambience of the lounge really gives a very relaxing and un-whining feel…

From the lounge, when you turn to the left and look, there you will see the stage. There’s a group of posers here in this picture to make this image look elegant… Just kidding… We were actually preparing for our Friday Night Church-Wide Prayer Meeting when I took these pictures…

This is the front audience view of the stage.. Just look at the fantastic way all the colours blend in together. Believe or not, we used the very minimum of lighting device to create all the colour effects.

This is the right audience view of the stage, notice how big the stage is? I usually try whatever little B-Boy moves I know on the stage because there so much room to experiment on~!

This is the left audience view of the stage. With the stage so big, even when all of us are on our instruments, it still looks rather empty. Praying for a choir to come in really soon… Haha~!

Now let’s move on to the stage. These are our church keyboards, the main is a KORG Triton and the secondary is a KORG X50. We have quite an bunch of anointed keyboardist in our church, so you better come check us out~!

This picture is of course my favourite view in church, other than looking to God la… It’s the church drum-kit, a Yamaha Tour Custom. A mid range set with a superb sound~! I fell in love with this set the very moment I played on it for the church album recording. In fact, this was the very same set I used for the recording… Haha~!

Next we move on to our amplifiers. We have a Behringer Bass Amplifier and a VOX Tube Guitar Amplifier with quite useable effects. Not bad for the price we got it. It’s power matched the size of the hall.

This is our very affordable but superbly warm sounded bass guitar. It’s an SX Bass with a nice warm wood finish for the case and the tail. The sound is superb for recording and also live playing, the downside is only its weight because it’s really heavy.

Now let’s see what the preacher and worship leaders see every service. This is the front view of the hall from the stage. The chair colours looks so elegant, it’s a wonder how simple things can do so much…

Next we have the view of the hall from the drummer’s stage. We elevated the drums with an extended platform. It does nothing in terms of making the sound better, but it just looks very nice… Now you know how the view is like behind the drum set..

This is the windows of church. At the time this picture was taken, there were no curtains yet, but now we have nice dark brown curtains to compliment the elegant corporate colours of the church premise…

Now we walk through the aisle between the chairs and move to the back of the hall. This is the entrance to the sound corner and also the church store room. The design of the sound corner is pretty simple, we just places a short swing door to partition it out. Then the entrance to the store room is so cun… Looks so oriental~!

This is our sound console, it’s a Yamaha 16-Channel Mixer, we joined two of these together so we have 32 channels to play around with. Our sound system is powered by two Wharfedale Twin Channel amplifiers with Wharfedale house speakers and stage monitors. Want more technical details? Come visit our church and I’ll show you around in person… Haha~!

Next we move from the sound room to the kitchen counter. This is the back right corner from the stage front which we have partitioned out to be made into a kitchen. The counter top is so high that some members of our church who are vertically challenged have a hard time looking over it… Ya, Ya… Me included la… Happy? Haha~!

From the kitchen, turn right and you’ll see the toilet aisle. At first glance it really looked like the Chinese ‘sun-toi’ (alter) to me because of the colour. Haha~! The walls to the toilet entrances are decorated with simple square mirrors...

The other wall is decorated with simple but elegant pictures. A small multi-level shelf is placed at the corner to fill up the space and make the ambience a bit homier…

Now that you’ve seen how our church looks like behind my camera lens, come join us in person some day to experience not just the warmth of the premise and the people, but also have an encounter with God. Our services are on Sunday mornings, at 10am. We also have prayer services going on every Friday night for this month. Any enquiries you can ask me here or you can email us at Looking forward to see you there soon~!

Project Report~! The car is now road legal~! I drove it around with all my engine stuff repaired~! I even got a new sound system, new spots lamps and other performance stuff for a bargain price~! Plus I got a superb Twin Sub Woofer for the lowest price you can imagine~! Now not only is my car powerful in terms of engine, but sound system also super cun~! The only thing left to do it to fabricate my boot top panel, collect my insurance documents and get my aircond serviced. Other than that, my car is all ready to hit the tar pavement~! Praise God~!

I hear the sounds of great happenings from a land far far away from here. Great happenings which can only be catalysed by a heart that has faith to do the impossible. Though obstacles may rise against her, she still stood strong in her believes and never compromised. Still don’t know who I’m talking about? Well, this girl in now doing her medical degree in UK. I’m proud to introduce you to the one and only, Khoo Wee Vien a.k.a. Wee Vee a.k.a. Wee Wee…

This girl has really done the impossible both in her hometown and also in UK where she is studying now. Let me tell you from the beginning how this small sized girl made such a big impact in my life and the lives of many others. It all began in the mid of 2004, when I first joined CampusCity, I heard about this thing called Get Into God rallies or GIG. These rallies were conducted to spread the good news to young people through concerts and workshops.

There was where I first came encounter with this girl named Wee Vien. She was a very quiet girl at that time, not many people saw the true potential in her until they got to know her better. I don’t quite remember how I met her, but I remembered how I got to know her.

As we were conducting GIGs in every other state, Wee Vien had a passion to bring GIG to her own hometown way up in Sungai Petanit, Kedah. When she heard that our team was willing to go up there, she was so passionate and zealous to organize and put everything together…

I know that I was not easy for her because she faced many oppositions from different people, some I’m ashamed to say that they are also Christians, but narrow minded ones la. Haha~! Despite such heavy pressure to cease this event from happening, she continues to believe and worked hard for it. We as a team prayed along with her and finally we brought a GIG team up to Sungai Petani in the year 2006.

Over 500 people came and many young people gave their lives to Christ for the first time. I really believe that it can only be God who orchestrated all this to happen, but Wee Vien chose to place herself inline with God’s plan and became a blessing to many. Did you know that now Sungai Petani is organizing their own rallies and a lot more people are giving their lives to Christ now? Praise God~! But it all began with one small girl’s faith to see the impossible happen…

She’s now in UK finishing off her medical studies, and believe it or not, she is really anointed to pioneer a movement wherever she’s placed. She started a small prayer group which was at first rather slow, but later on it grew and many more people were blessed. Now even a full fledge church there wants to back her up in her ministry. God is really working through her…

To Wee Vien… You’ve done many great things these past few years that have brought about many changes in many people’s lives. I believe that God has really given you the heart, power and anointing to perform what others may say is impossible. Your willingness and humility to listen and obey God’s voice really astounds me.

Don’t ever settle for what you have already achieved, but press on for greater things that are yet to come. Don’t stop dreaming and envisioning great things that you desire to do for the Lord. You may have a great pass, but the pass can never be relived… Pursue for even more for the future and you will see God’s hand moving in a great capacity than before.

Many people’s lives has been touched by the simplicity of your faith, therefore keep your heart simple before the Lord and allow Him to mold and shape you to be the person He wants you to be. The preparation for greatness may be very very painful and difficult, bu the outcome and the results will be much more beautiful than your mind can ever conceive.

New testimonies awaits for you to claim… Promises that are yet to be fulfilled... So live life to the fullest and always stay in the Lord in everything that you do. God’s plans are always the best for us in every aspect of our lives. All things are made beautiful in HIS TIME, so don’t rush or be anxious over anything, but in everything give thanks~!

Thank you for being a great friend to be… Thank you for always entertaining me when you’re online. Thank you for always sharing your heart out with me… Thank you for being such an inspiration to me… I truly admire your passion and persistence… Thank you for being a sponsor for this project but above all… Thank you for being a sponsor of my life… for all that you’ve done for me has made me who I am today… Thanks~!

That’s all I have for you people~! I’ve spent about 2 hours making this entry. I chose not to highlight much words for this entry because one of the sponsors complained that she could read some of the coloured words. You sponsors tell me what you think and the majority will win okay? Thanks for reading… Have a great week ahead and God Bless~!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Project Report #21 - The Patient

Good morning people~! Another new week for a whole new set of challenges that will me us stronger~! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about what this week has in store for me. I am at work now, there’s tonnes of stuff to do but I just decided to take some time off to chill awhile to write this entry for all of you.

I had a great Sunday service yesterday morning, we had a very special speaker all the way from CGBC Ipoh, and he’s none other than Pastor Chan. This man has been tremendous support and encouragement to our church and to our lives individually. His life is fantastic testimony of God’s faithfulness and blessing… If you’d just sit with him for a half hour and allow him to share his life with, trust me you will be inspired~!

The word that came about yesterday was in the area of financial wealth. Thank God he’s not the kind of pastor who preaches on just financial prosperity alone, although he has nothing against financial wealth. Sometimes we, even as Christians, dub wealth and prosperity as only in terms of how much money we have. Well, the good news is that God really wants all of us to be wealthy in finances, but the BEST news is that God wants us to also prosper in every other areas of our lives, such as our health, relationships, ministries, careers, not forgetting the overcoming of our personal struggles and weaknesses, victory over our sinful nature… and so on…

Why should we just settle for the good news when we can have the BEST NEWS? There are principles to which we must always uphold for these blessings to be obtained. Almost all the time, prayer alone does not work. I know this statement is controversial, but hear me out first. In the Bible, the book of James it says that “faith without works is dead”... Now, our prayers to God are uttered by the measure of our faith in Him, we only ask of Him when we know He is able to grant it to us, but is asking all that is required of us?

Let’s take this verse into context, prayer alone most of the time will not produce anything if we just choose to sit around and do nothing. It is like being a really spoilt child just sitting there and waiting for everything he wants to fall on his lap. So you ask me, does this mean we have to work to get God’s blessing? My answer, I personally believe that prayer is the covering of our faith, but what we can do with our hands is the substance of our faith.

Please understand that works does not gain us points to go to heaven okay? But works is the seed that God has provided for us to sow. God requires something from us to work with in order for His blessing to come through for us. This principle is the same in the natural and the spiritual, an example, if you were to hold a seed in your hand, will it every grow and bear fruit? Obviously not~! What do you need to do to gain from that seed? You have to first let it go, plant it on good ground, and let that seed die. We have to wait and constantly water it and nourish it. Then only will it grow and bear much fruit…

The seed represents whatever we have in our hands now that God has blessed us with. If we just hang on to it in our hands and not sow it, it will never grow. We have to sow it on to good ground, which can represents the church or anywhere which God has prompt you to sow into. Then, note this, the seed has to DIE. Sometimes we feel discouraged at this phase because in our natural eyes, it seems like what we sow is in vain, meaning we start to wonder whether it was worth it to give our tithes and offerings although we have so little left. But the truth is this, only when that seed dies can it start the production of new life.

It doesn’t stop there, we have to continuously water our seed, nourish it and wait for it to grow. This phase is the most difficult phase for all of us because watering and nourishing the seed speaks about prayer… lots and lots of prayer… and waiting just means waiting la. Have you ever planted a seed one day and see it bare fruit the very next day? Never~! But the fact is if you want a tree to grow strong and bear much fruit, we must take good care of it when it is still at its initial stages of growth. This requires us to be patient, which all of us are not experts on… Haha~!

Finally, when the season arrives, we will harvest the plentiful fruits from what we initially sowed. Take note of this, it all started with only the sowing ONE seed. Like I said earlier, if you were to hold on to that one seed, you will never see that seed take growth and bare fruits. With simple mathematics, don’t you think you’ll gain so much more sowing your seed than to keep it held tight in you hand? Food for thought..

The bible says that it is God who supplies the seed to the sower. The sower is us, and the seed can represent anything we have in our lives, be it our talents, our money, our studies or careers. If you want to grow any of these, we have to invest it. Our tithes and offerings are investments to the kingdom of God, and believe me as I am a living testimony of this, that investment in God’s kingdom has 100% return profits. You are guaranteed to be blessed with so much more if you keep the God’s principles.

The world says, the lesser you have, the lesser you should sow… But the word of God says, the lesser you have, the more you should sow… and the more you have, even more you should sow~! It is written in the Bible says that we are allowed to test God in this principle, this is the only thing that God allows us to test Him in. God said that He will definitely pour out so much blessing in our lives that we will not be able to contain it if we uphold this principal of sowing in to His kingdom. So friends, go ahead and test God in the area of tithes and offerings, God never lies so you can expect a great increase, not only in finances, but in every aspect in your lives~!

Project Report~! The car is finally in my house~! During the car testing, JPJ ripped off my RM360 gold-dust window tinting because I refused to give them 'tea-money', by God's grace I shall forgive them. Patience, Aaron... Haha~! My legal documents have yet to arrive though. It seems that my car grant in was in Ipoh because JPJ has to check through the records of the car before the name transfer can be completed. For those of you who didn’t know? This car is from Sitiawan, Perak. That’s why have to settle some of the legal stuff in JPJ Ipoh.

I’ve always wanted a car number plate that starts with an A, now God has really blessed me with it~! Haha~! The car should be road legal by this week, I’ll have to settle my insurance renewal and roadtax before I can drive it around. Sponsors, please keep me in prayer for the speedy settlement of my legal documents, it’s been kinda delayed because JPJ is working so slow…

My engine has a slight problem with the some belts. I noticed that my aircond belt has some friction with the wall of my engine hull. So every time I turn on my aircod, there’s this bad smell of burning rubber. Will get it repaired once I settle all my legal papers. I also managed to DIY some interior to cut cost… and it worked~! I have already installed and repaired 30% of the interiors… the others will require proper handling and equipment from car accessory experts. The car will be ready within the next two weeks, prayerfully… Haha~!

Today I’m gonna share about an unsung devoted, super dedicated, super determined athlete. He’s one of the most fun guys I’ve ever met, always thinking of ways to bless people and throw crazy parties to keep his friends close. This guy has a really clear head, when I say clear I mean bald. Haha~! He looks really cun without hair though. I’m sure most of you can already guess who I’m talking about, so without further adew, it is my pleasure to introduce to you all, Alex Au-Yong a.k.a. DJ Pyros a.k.a. Botak~!

This dude is always so constant with new testimonies to share. He’s always ready to share what God has done in his life to anyone anywhere at almost any given time. Though some people may think that he’s a little over enthusiastic about his testimonies, but I certainly disagree. Isn’t our lives as Christians suppose to be exciting and always booming with great things to share with others? God’s mercies are new every morning, so everyday we should be living out a brand new testimony~!

Alex’s enthusiasm has really thought me to really look through my everyday life and spot out the things that I take for granted that God has blessed me with. I have a great testimony every single day that my life, every best of my heart, is held in God’s hands, I am still alive~! Haha~! I remember him sharing about his personal struggles during his varsity days, it wasn’t a normal thing to hear but he was so open about it. It’s not because he’s proud of what he did, but its because he is so grateful that God has set him free from all that and gave him the power to overcome. You can sense the immense joy within him when he is sharing his testimonies…

His life of testimonies has really thought many of us to not be ashamed to share with others about what God has done in our lives. Someone somewhere out there maybe going through the same thing, someone somewhere out there may be the one who needs to hear of the goodness and faithfulness of God. I’ve learnt that testimonies are given to us not for our own gain alone, but it is also to bless someone else’s life.

God has given to us testimonies to share with others, the more we share it, the more testimonies we’ll have. Why? Because sharing testimonies is also a form of sowing into God’s kingdom. If God can trust you to maximize the small testimonies you have now, He can trust you with even greater testimonies in the future.

To Alex… It’s not been very long since I first met you, but yet you have brought so much into my life. You were one of the first people to immediately support me in this project with no questions asked, I know you didn’t have much but you’re heart that is so ready to bless others really moved me. I am so grateful to you not only because you’re part of this project, but because of you generosity to share with me all the good things that God has done in your life which really inspired me.

I may not have very much to say about you because our friendship has not gone back very long ago, but even within this past one year or so, you have been such a blessing me and many other people. Never ever look down on the power of testimonies, you will never know whose life will be touched by the great things God has done in your life.

Continue to pursue the perfect plans and purposes that God has in store for you. Don’t ever settle just for the good or the better, but go all the way for the best that God has for you. Keep up your training for you tri-athelon competitions… I believe that if you continue to work with the Holy Spirit, He will make you a great influence and inspiration to many upcoming athletes.

If God is for us, nothing can be against us… Keep this word engraved in your heart and every single obstacle that stands in between you and your purposes in God will be conquered. Thank you for being such an encouragement and inspiration to me, thank you for being part of this project and thank you for your contribution in building this car and most of all, my life…

I am done for today~! It has been quite difficult to find extra time to make an entry. Been so busy adjusting to different commitments I have in my life. I will try my best to make another entry by this weekend. Will probably include some pictures of my new church premise. Till then, have a great week ahead and God Bless~!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Project Report #20 - An A-Merry-Car Tail

Hey Sponsors~! It’s been a long week for me but a fruitful one~! Managed to close another project at work, was really stressful because me and my team members hit a dead-end in trying to figure out a solution for a problem, but thank God we manage to solve it just before the deadline~! Haha~! I hope it’s been a great week for all of you too. Whatever we may have gone through, be it good or bad, there’s always something to be thankful about. So live life being aware of the bad but mindful of the good~!

Project Report~! This week I’ve managed to finish the exhaust installation~! It looks great~! Today makes the day of the completion of all the necessary exteriors~! Praise God~! I have a lot of photos to show all of you, so just sit back and be blown away~!

This is the car being towed from my foreman's house to the exhaust workshop in Sunway. The car looks so cun on the tow truck right? Wait till you see it on the road... Hehe~!

Another picture of the car on the tow truck heading out to the exhaust shop..

This is the car elevated with the exhaust being ready to be installed. By the way, I'm using a very cool original Tanabe 4 inch tip exhaust outlet. It's fully imported from Japan. So cun right?

The right portrait of the exhaust muffler box.. A lot of finger prints all over, handled by some many people, including me..

This is the left portrait of the muffler. Sponsors, you better have a good look at these angles, you'll never get to see it in real life unless you lift the car up.

A close up shot of the how the exhaust looks with the back of the car. It's actually too big to fit in the undercarriage of the car, but I had some modifications done so that it will have minimal vibrations.

This is my 3 inch exhaust piping running underneath the car. It's made of high quality stainless steel. Superb for high intake and outflow cars...

This is the exhaust stainless steel flexi. This thing alone cost alot~! But thank God for he blessing, I got it for free from my foreman~! What a blessing~!

Finally, this is the exhaust piping joint. It links the piping with the down pipe of the engine, in layman's terms, it's the joint between the pipe and the engine itself...

Next Monday, my runner will send the car to get it tested with JPJ. The stability and safety of the engine with the car will be put through several examinations to assure that it is road worthy. Actually, this car is more stable, safe and powerful that most cars on the road, so there is no problem in that. I will also settle all my insurance procedures by Tuesday or Wednesday and the car will be on the road by the end of next week~!

I will start working on my interiors by next weekend, hopefully all my electronic gauges and equipment can be done in a day. I will also do a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the car and get the boot ready for you sponsors to sign in~! This car is gonna be so memorable because of you sponsors~!

Hey people~! Did you know that hybrid human plants have roamed the earth for over 2 decades~! These creatures may look like plants but the talk, walk, eat, move, whine and laugh like humans. Still don’t notice any of them around? Well, let me introduce you to the one I know. She’s a good person with a great heart for the people around her. Ladies and gentlemen, it is me honour to introduce to you, Jamie Foo Sze Yin a.k.a. Bamboo a.k.a. Plant a.k.a. Rotan~!

Believe me, she is the skinniest friend I’ve ever had in my entire life~! But she’s a great friend and is always supportive in what I do, although we spend a lot of time making fun of each other… or is it just me making fun of her? Hmmmm… Haha~! She was one of the first people who so voluntarily contributed to this car project~! I was really moved by how excited she was to be part of this, although the money she sent didn’t survive through the mail from Australia…

What do I have to say about Jamie? A lot~! We’ve known each other since the days when we were knee high. We’ve grown up together in the same Children’s Church, Youth Group and serving is various ministries together. A lot of memories back in those days, both good and bad ones la… But it all contributed to the better side of who I am today.

I remember last time whenever she stood by the mic stand on stage, I would always say “Jamie, is that your cousin?”… Haha~! We had a lot fun going to different places for holidays with our group of friends and we really grew fond of each other’s company. Oh by the way, her mom is an excellent cook~! I always look forward for gatherings at her house because her mom’s food is fantastic~! Hope she’ll not let this linage end, so start learning, Jamie~!

To Jamie… We’ve been through quite a lot together haven’t we? Through the many years of knowing you, I’ve learnt a lot from our journey of friendship. I know there have been a lot of things that has happened in the past. Things that many people will not understand, but I assure you that nothing you’ve gone through was intended to make you weaker…

Your faith in God may be shaken a bit, but hold on strong to His promises because He will never take you to a place where His grace cannot keep you. Always remember, His promises are like an banquet with an endless line of various food, you cannot just sit back and hope the food will fall on your plate, but you have to reach out and claim it to be your own.

God has brought you through many things in the past, if you ever have doubts in Him, just look back in life and remember all the things He has given to you although you didn’t deserve it. Focus on Him and He will make sure you get the best of everything. Sometimes the process may seem dry, sometimes it may seem hopeless, but press on and persevere~! Your breakthrough is at you finger tips, don’t give up~!

Continue pursuing the best that God has for you, don’t settle for any less. Though people may think it’s foolishness to wait upon God, well… when God pours out His blessing on you, their words will be silenced~! Whatever other people say is best for you is not even close to the perfect plan of God for your life. So keep your head up in times of troubles, all things will be made beautiful in His perfect time~!

His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Put your trust in the Lord and He will make your path straight, and show you things that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind can comprehend. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength~!

Thank you for being a great friend for these many years. You’re not only a sponsor of this project, but moreover, you’re a sponsor of my life… because all that you’ve contributed to my life through the years has made me who I am today… I’m so glad our paths crossed..

That’s all I have for today people~! Will try my best to update you all soon about my car interiors installation… I shall prepare the boot space well before I open it up for you sponsors to sign in~! Thank you for your time and have a great Sunday tomorrow~! God Bless~!