Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Project Report #18 - The Final Countdown

Hey Sponsors~! Sorry for not being able to make any entries the past week. I have been really busy running here and there settling a lot of things to get my car back on the road. A lot of parts I ordered were delayed due to the holidays. So this week is gonna be quite a hectic week for me. My foreman is getting a runner to settle my engine registration, car testing, ownership transfer and road tax renewal. Do pray with me that all these legal documents can be settled within this week itself. Once this is all done, I will move on with the exhaust system installation and car interior reconditioning.

Project report~! My foreman took the car out for a test run by himself, and he being a super experienced person when it comes to this engine and this car, said that the power and performance of the engine really surprised him. Praise God~! I’ve been praying that the outcome of this project would bring a positive shock to even him as the most experienced person in this field. This is proof that God is really in the picture~!

I’m still having a big difficulty trying to get some interior parts to be restored to the car. I’ve asked around for help but many of them either forgot about it or they’re quoting me a super high price. This hurdle is not easy to tackle because many shops don’t store this Ford’s interior spare parts. Sponsors, please keep me in prayer that I will be able to find an honest supplier that will give me a good price for all the items I need. Thanks~!

Finances have been rather difficult for this past month. A lot of financial commitments suddenly pop up out of no where and it has been really taking a toll out of me. Although all the engine installation bills have been paid for, the battle is only half won. To be honest, it is not easy to do up this car, build a new church, support my family, buy people birthday gifts and take care of my daily needs all at the same time. Every one of these areas requires a lot of money.

I am only human, therefore I’m not perfect. I do face times where I struggle with myself asking God how come my blessing has not come? The Bible says what you sow is what you will reap, and so I sow my best in hopes that I will reap the best. After sitting down and just dwelling in this verse, I realize that the sowing is our responsibility but the reaping is not~! It is God who is responsible to bring in the blessing therefore He will give what’s best for me.

I was reminded again in this situation of lack that what we think is our best may not always be God’s best for us. How can we say that we know more than God does? Why was I struggling? Because I didn’t see what I thought was best for me coming to past. Patience and faith are key attributes that I must learn time and time again. Sometimes what I want is not the best that I can get. If I choose to wait upon God, I will get His best, and His best is always the Best of the BEST~! But if I rush and take things into my own hands, I would miss out on the best that I could have gotten.

A lesson learned from this time of lack is God is always in control. He placed me in this situation where I need to depend on Him even more. All of us have this tendency of only crying out to God when we’re in lack, I’m guilty of that too. But we must learn to acknowledge God for who He is, to praise Him even when our situations seem hopeless. Faith versus fear… If we hang on to the faith and belief that God is in control, we will see God move, not in our demanded time, but in His perfect time.

He will make all things beautiful in His time~!

So friends, if you are going through a situation, it is alright to have doubts, but don’t dwell in it for so long. Pick yourself up and start speaking faith into your hearts. When I say speaking, I really mean using your mouth and declare it out loud. You can speak yourself to life again because there’s power in verbal declaration~! Always remember, breakthroughs doesn’t start from the changes in the situation you’re in, breakthroughs start from within your own heart~! You must realize the potential and power within you to change the things around you…

My problems are not over, I still have many bills which I have not settled, but now I’m assured that I just have to do my best and let God take care of the rest~! God will provide~! He will never hold back the best from those who love and obey Him~!

Hope this little sharing from my own experience has blessed some of you…

Hey sponsors~! There’s this really special girl amongst you, did you know? She’s a super woman and drag car racer all enveloped into one small bundle. If you see her around, she’s always racing around in her ‘Red Ferrari’… This girl has been a great encouragement and inspiration to many who know her… Without any delay, it is my great honour to introduce to you, the one and only, Cheryl Mohan a.k.a. Illegal Racer a.k.a. The girl with the car a.k.a. Ms Mohan~!!

I’ve come to know her when I joined A.Y.A. in year 2003. I was serving in CampusCity for quite some time and I always noticed her in the hall because of her infamous ‘racing car’. By the way, for those of you all who don’t know, Cheryl has a physical disability that bounds her to a wheeled walker, which we refer it as her ‘CAR’. But that doesn’t stop this little chili padi from being a dynamite wherever she is placed~!

She is one girl that is ever so chatty. She can talk about the whole world with you to and fro~! But I’ve always enjoyed her company because she is anyways so cheery when I greet her. I always bully her by impersonating an MPSJ officer and either clamping her ‘car’ with my foot or towing her ‘car’ away. We’ll be very amused and have plenty of laughs over the silly things I do.

Did you know that she has to climb 4 flights of staircases to get to the top floor of A.Y.A. every week to go the CampusCity service? Many times people offered to carry her but she refuses. Even though she may be physically challenged but her faithfulness and persistence to climb up so many flights of stairs just to attend a 1 hour meeting has really inspired so many of us.

I remember there was one time a young punk guy was complaining about the flights of stairs he had to climb just to get to a campus service. As he was halfway criticizing and complaining, he saw Cheryl slowly struggling to get up every step of the staircase with a smile on her face. That guy never complained from that day onwards. Want to know who he is? Come ask me personally… Hehe~!

This girl is also an awesome writer cum journalist~! Her passion in writing and journalism has brought her to a place where she is in charge of a youth magazine called D2Y2, produced by A.Y.A.. She was also one of the writers for the recent Christmas play in Acts Church. This talented little fella has not ceased to amaze me with what she is capable of…

To Cheryl... stop racing around ok? Or I’ll report you to JPJ and the Traffic Police unit~! Haha~! Your life has been a great inspiration to me. Your passion and dedication to church, ministry and to God has really been such an encouragement for me to press on in life. Though you may physically challenged, you have never allowed it to be an excuse to stop you from achieving greatness~!

You’re one of the strongest people I’ve met in all my life. Though many may take what they have for granted, you maximize the every single thing that you’ve been blessed with to the very smallest of detail. Because of that, I have truly learned so much from you. I may kacau you and your 'car' a lot, but inside me I’m really blessed to have known you as a friend and I'm so honoured to have served alongside you.

Continue pursuing the plans and purposes of God over your life. I know that God has so much more for you than what our own minds can perceive. Never let any situations or circumstances determine the direction and decisions you make in life, but in all things seek the Lord first and His righteousness, and all thing shall be added unto you.

Better things are yet to come, so don’t settle for what you have now. I’m sure you have big dreams for your own life. Well, submit it to God, do your best and God will see you though it. I believe that big dreams come from God, so if it is from God, you should let Him guide you through it to get to it~!

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, thank you for being such an encouragement to me. Even though you may think that you walking up the stairs is a simple thing, but to me it has been such an eye-opener to see such dedication, such passion, such love for the things of God..

Ultimately… I really thank you for being such a great friend~!

That’s all I have for today, sponsors~! I shall update the entry hopefully by this weekend when I’ve settled all my legal documents~! Please continue to pray with me through this project. Thanks so much for reading~! Have a great week ahead and God Bless~!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Project Report #17 - Legally Borned

Hey Sponsors~! Happy Chinese New Year~! This is NOT the year of a fiery pig but it’s a brand new year for God to do greater things in and through our lives~! So please don’t dedicate this new year to something that taste so good as bacon or bak kut teh, Haha~! This new year has been rather slow for my family, I guess one thing is because most of the elderly figures of my family have passed away within the last 4 years, so gradually we have less and less old folks to visit. Ang Pau collection also a bit slow but God has been faithful to provide~!

Project Report~! I’ve officially paid off the every bill that came up in the engine installation phase~! Praise God~! They total sum was in the thousands but it was still bearable. Now I’m just waiting for the legal documents and registrations to be settled, then I can install my exhaust system, then only my car will be officially road legal~! My 'hot chic' will be legally borned~! YAY~! After I’m done with the exhaust system installation, I’ll be moving on to the interior reconditioning and enhancement.

I have quite a number of new items from Japan that came in to make the cockpit of the car super cool. A lot of these stuff were given to me by friends and family as a belated birthday gift, so thank you so much to all who have given me those gifts~! I really love it~! All my documents should be able to be settled latest by next week. Once I’ve cleaned up the boot area and made the mural signage, I shall launch the boot of sponsors signing ceremony~!

This past one year has been a great run for me. Both the good and the bad, so many things had happened that I will never ever forget, but I really thank God for His never ending goodness and faithfulness over my life. I have been placed in so many difficult situations physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. It is a miracle that I’m able to stand here today still writing to you guys..

Reflecting back on all that has happened, I remember my 2006 resolution was to succeed in obtaining my degree and growing a greater level in my ministry. Well, both these things came to past, but at a great cost~! As I’ve shared about all my struggles and success in finishing my university final year, this time I want to share about things that have brought me to where I am today in my ministry.

As most of you would know that I’ve been released from AYA and Acts Church about 3 months ago to join the pioneering work of a new church called Harvest Generation. The journey so far has been challenging but the fruits of our labour is so very sweet~! We’ve grown from about 10 to about 25 people now on average weekly services. God is indeed working in and through the church~!

Many of you have asked me, why did I give up a well established ministry to join a new work that has to be built from scratch? Why did I put myself in a position where I was not certain of what is to come? Well, the answer is simple, I just heard and obeyed. I knew in my heart that I was called to be part of this work... but I had a struggle within myself to stay at where I was most comfortable in for quite some time.

I’ve grown a lot serving for 3 years with AYA and Acts Church and I believe I’ve gave my very best to that ministry. There comes a point in time where you know you have to move out of where you have settled to achieve greater things. I believe it was God who placed a deep desire within my heart to be a part of this new work with Harvest Generation. Although I had the desire to join them, I was struggling to let go of the comfort I was having then.

In my mind, I was thinking of the people that I would never get to see as often as I could if I answered this call. I didn’t want to leave where I was because I didn’t want to be distant from the people I’ve grown emotionally attached with. It was a difficult situation for me, a great struggle…

I had great leaders in Acts and AYA, as far as I know, they were all looking out for the best for me all the time. I’ve grown really close to some of them through our ministries together and I was really very comfortable there. But I know deep in my heart that God had something greater for me that required me to step out of my comfort zone.

I prayed for many weeks, seeking counsel from the people who I’m accountable to, I even spoke to my parents. All of them prayed with me and told me to just trust in God and obey, even if it means to let go of things that mean a lot to me. God gave me the peace to decide by invoking this statement into my heart…

“ You don’t have to know everything to do great things, you just have to know the ONE who knows everything… ”

All my fears and uncertainty didn’t feel as heavy as it did before because I realized that God was in control, and He will always be in control. All I have to do is to trust Him and obey. So finally, after many many weeks of struggling with myself, I finally had the peace to make the decision to move on with Harvest Generation.

Do I still struggle with doubts today? Yes… sometimes I do wonder if I did the right thing, but every time I doubt, I pray and the Spirit has never once failed to remind me that God is still in control. Do I miss serving with the people in AYA and Acts? Yes, of course~! I really love the people there and I still respect them a lot, but I know I must answer the call that I’ve been placed accountable of. Has it been easy in my new ministry? Definitely not~! In fact, I’m faced with new challenges in almost everything I put my hands on, but God has been so faithful to use those challenges to make me a better person today.

Within these past 3 months, I’ve grown so much that even my parents noticed it. They said that they could really see my maturity move up another level just within a short time. One thing I need all of you to understand is that I didn’t leave Acts Church and AYA because of any dispute, I just listened and obeyed, it’s as simple as that. Whatever you all heard about things going on between Acts Church and Harvest Generation Church, please don’t pursue it because there is no dispute.

Although we may be functioning differently but we are all building One Kingdom, we are all serving One God. God has been so good~! Whatever He blesses us with, He adds no sorrow to it~! So don’t add the sorrow to it with words that brings no edification, but speak life into the works that God has started through every single one of His people~! So continue seeking God for His best~! It is never easy to achieve greatness but draw strength from Him and He will be faithful to see you through every challenge~! My life is a testimony to that and I live with no regrets~!

I'm sharing this because i know i owe it to some of you who still wonder why I made this decision.. So I hope you understand it better now...

Watch out people~! There’s another medical practitioner coming out from Ukraine as well. He’s currently in the presence of the ‘Fei Chai’, rooming with him and being bitten on the thighs by him. Haha~! This guy has been a fantastic friend, until he decided to ditch us and leave for Ukraine to further his studies la. Just kidding~! It is my honour to introduce you to the one and only… Jackson Leong Kwong Yew a.k.a. Uncle Leong a.k.a. Auntie a.k.a. Doctor Leong~!! This guy is one lady killer, most of the very aunty girls in our group fall for him like durians to the ground. Haha~!

I’ve known Kwong Yew since we were 9 years old~! That’s like 13 years man~! We were in the same class together in Standard 3 way back in year 1994. I remember he was this super nerdy dude that was always so concerned about his studies, whereas I was the type who ‘sambil-lewa’. He always had tuition classes here, there and everywhere. The funny thing is we both got the same kind of results at the end also, so does tuition really help? Haha~!

When we were younger, I would always go to this house to play football. The same house that Audrey and Ern Suey is renting from him now. This guy has been quite skilled in this sport since those times. He use to be quite fit until he joined the ‘Fei Chai’ in Ukraine. If some of you still don’t know who is the Fei Chai, go read one of my past blog entries. Haha~! I remember once me and Kwong Yew joined a talent time singing contest audition as a duet but we didn’t qualify because we forgot our lyrics. Guess what song we sang? ONLY YOU~!!!! HAHAHAH~! I still laugh my head off whenever I recall those moments.

We went to the same high school together as well. I guess you can say that we’ve still been rather close throughout all our high school life. He was part of our ‘Seafield Jackass’ crew for a little while. For further explanation, the Jackass crew is a crew that does stupid things just for laughs. We were young and dumb then, but it did leave some good fun memories.

Did you all know that in Kwong Yew was also a product of the Seafield Christian Fellowship? He was saved there~! It was back in Form 1, through the influence of his brother and his friends, he was convinced to attend the CF and finally he chose to give his heart to Jesus~! Amazing~! Simply Amazing~! I remember when we were in primary school, he would always argue with me about religions. That’s why I was so happy when I first heard the news that he accepted Jesus into his heart~!

He has always had a very caring heart, that’s why girls can connect with him so well. He’s very aunty at times, I guess he’s one of the few that has all the patience in the world to handle girls. Haha~! Another thing that makes him outstanding is that he always ends up in the hospital. I tell you, I’ve not visited anyone in hospital more than I’ve visited him~! Every year sure got something happen to him that will end him up on the hospital bed. We always brought in our silly jokes and dumb actions to his ward and made him laugh till he cried. Haha~!

He has always been faithful to serve in the high school CF, and continued on being faithful in CampusCity when he went to Taylor’s to do his A-Levels. I really saw him grown from strength to strength. His desire to see God move in and through his live is just amazing~!

To Kwong Yew… It has been a great 13 years of friendship with you. I can truly say that I see God working in you even from the very first day I met you. Did you know that I’ve been praying for your salvation since we were in Standard 3? Guess I never told you that but the prayers sown have been reaped with joy. I remember trying to invite you to church and debating with you over the phone about you disagreement with TITHES when we were younger, but you still wouldn’t accept Jesus. That is why is was such a great joy to know that you finally opened up your heart to Jesus…

We’ve had a long past together, through the good and bad. The mistakes and successes, I’m glad that you were there with me. When we were serving together in the Christian Fellowship, although I was removed from leadership due to undisclosed reasons, you still included me in many major decisions that had to be made. I really appreciated that because although other people think I was useless, you still opened up a door for me to be useful to that ministry… For this, I am grateful to you…

It was a sad thing that when you told me that you chose to leave for Ukraine, I was deeply affected because we’ve known each other for so long and share many things in common. But I knew that God had better plans installed for us and it is our own responsibility to fulfill it. We’ve had wonderful times serving in CampusCity together, I remember it was you and Ian who pushed me to join CampusCity when I was living a life on the verge of backsliding. Thank God for friends like you…

Continue pursing the plans and purposes that God has for you life. Never give up due to any circumstances, but trust in God always and press on. The path to greatness is always difficult, but the joy that will be reaped is indescribable. Always keep your ears open to the prompting of the Spirit, never ever confuse your own fleshly desires with the desires of the Lord. Always pray and check and ask for confirmation, God will answer you…

Keep up the good work that you’re doing in Ukraine but never EVER compromise the principals which you have learnt from the Word and from the Spirit of God. Stand strong upon it even though everyone else may have fallen away from it. Draw your strength from God alone because He will never fail you~!

I know many lives have been blessed through you, continue to live a life that longs to see God’s love and blessings flow to everyone you meet. Thank you so much for being a great friend and brother to me…

That’s all from me today sponsors~! I will further update you all on the progress of the legal documents and registration of the car soon~! Do pray with me that all these things can be settled fast and swith~! Thanks for reading~! Have a Blessed Chinese New Year and a great week ahead~! God Bless…

Monday, February 12, 2007

Project Report #16 - The Incredi-BILLS

Hey sponsors~! Sorry for not being able to update the blog for so long. I have been really busy with a lot lately, my workload has picked up in the office and I’m currently involved with a recording project with Harvest Generation. Although I’m almost exhausted out physically, I’m so excited to see what God has in store in the final stages of the engine installation phase for this project.

Project Report~! I went to see the car last Friday night before I left for a recording session. The car looks superb~! I had a chance to take my car for a test drive, the performance of the engine was great~! So much power, so fast acceleration, I’ve been dreaming to drive this car with this engine since I was in high school and I had the fore-taste of it already~! I still haven’t gotten my exhaust system yet, so I drove around without a proper exhaust outlet. It was very noisy, but it power was tremendous~!

God is really showing me favour from so many people through this car project. People are just so willing to help in every difficult aspect that I’ve faced throughout this project. I’m not just meaning people whom I know well, but even people I just met while doing up this car. Although I’m faced with a financial difficulty, I've experienced God providing in little ways. I can testify today that I’m still not in debt after paying off quite heavy bills and I continue to believe that God will keep me debt free throughout this project~!

Here are some pictures of the car with the engine installed in it~! Enjoy~!

This is the first front view of the opened bonnet of the car, you can see the very source of its superb power~!

This is the left profile of the engine inside the car. You can see the giant black intake pipe at the left side of the engine. That’s how much airflow this engine takes in~!

Now the right profile of the engine in the car…

I bring you now to the front, just look at how snugly the engine fits in the car..

I’ll zoom in a bit to let you see in detail the placement of the engine…

For those of you who couldn’t see the huge intake pipe of the engine, this picture might help. It is the giant black pipe attached to the right of the EFI module that has the words ‘Turbo Intercooled” printed on it.


It is jus so amazing how God works things out in His time, that if things were to go our way, it wouldn’t be as meaningful and beautiful. Patience is a virtue but it is also the hardest thing to keep by when we want to see a breakthrough in our situation. Many times desperate, irrational acts caused by our inability to wait for God’s best puts us in a deeper mess than where we were before.

It’s only natural for us human beings to find security in ourselves, to try to solve everything with just our own strength and ability. I love having things done the fastest and easiest way but we never considered the consequences of our action when our eyes are only focused on getting what we want. The simplest illustration of an act caused by impatience is stealing. Why do people steal?

I believe that we steal because it’s the fastest way to get what we want with minimal work. To be honest with you, I’ve stolen stuff before as well. I’m not perfect and it was a terrible thing to do. The first time I stole something, I felt so guilty inside. It was as though a sharp object just pierced through my heart. But I didn’t stop stealing, as I continued this despicable act, it got easier and I find my self targeting even more valuable things. It was like the guilt was not felt as much anymore, my conscience had been silenced...

I came to point in my life where I started to question myself, why am I stealing? Is it because I need the stuff or is it just pure greed? I was convicted by the Holy Spirit once again to stop this sinful act. God reveal to me something that really opened up my eyes. No one in my life that I grew up with has ever taught me to steal, so how did I learn to device schemes and plans to steal something?

Well, God revealed to me that all of us have a sinful nature in us. We don’t have to be taught to sin, but we naturally can just sin. Another example is lying, no one in all my life, growing up as a child, has ever taught me to lie, but I could lie without even blinking an eye. God opened my eyes, convicted my heart and brought me to realise that I can never stop these despicable acts of sin without Him being my strength. If I choose not to walk close to Him, I can never withstand the temptations of my sinful nature.

I asked myself, if I really loved God so much, I should know that doing these acts of sin would hurt Him. If I really loved God so much, I would never do anything that I know would hurt Him~! That time in my life, I had my heart checked. Was I really so in love with God as much I thought I was?

God was so merciful to me, His abundant grace and love for me brought me back to my senses to realise that what profits me if I were to gain everything at the cost of my own soul? Every time I stole something, I’m willingly dedicating myself to the works of satan because the Bible says satan came to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY. I struggled through that phase of my life to get myself back on track, by God’s grace I am able to stand till today with the success of overcoming this temptation.

I realized the main reason I stole was because I couldn’t wait for God to provide, that I had to take things into my own hands. That I was willing to settle for second best instead of the very best that He has in store for me. It was a hard lesson to learn, but today, because of this lesson, I have experienced tremendous blessings from God time and time again. Did I still face challenges? Of course~! Was there still temptation to steal again? Definitely~! What is different now is that I’ve learnt to turn to God when I’m in need and I hold on to the principle in His Word that says “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things shall be added to you…”

Even when I was in great lack at one point of time in my life, God provided for my every need because there was never once I went through a day feeling hungry. God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs, but not at all for our greed~! So friends, there are many good things that we may want today, but submit it to God and He will grant the desires of your heart in His time because His time is the BEST time. We will never understand why God sometimes takes so long to bring something to past until that day comes… Then only we’ll experience the full joy of obtaining what we desire without any sin or regret~! When God blesses, He adds no sorrow to it~! Just continue believing and He will come through~!

Even if we’re now still in a deep sin, stop running away from God, but run to Him because He loves you so much and desires to give you so much more than you could ever ask for. Would a man dying from excessive bleeding run away from the hospital or would he run to the hospital? Think about it… I’m being very transparent with you about where I came from, I hope this sharing has blessed you all…

It’s a great day to introduce to you a Malaysian girl who is located in the far west of this planet. She’s quite a quiet person when you first see her, but can be quite ganas and passionate when you get to know her better. She is known to be Jane Loke’s twin sister because they really look alike, but one of them obviously looks better than the other la, I shall not say who, it’s for you all to decide. Haha~! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my great honor to introduce you to Jacylnn Chin a.k.a. Jack a.k.a. Jane’s twin a.k.a. Goofy ears a.k.a. Housewife wanna-be~!

I had the privilege of first knowing her when she came back from USA in the year 2005 during her summer break. We didn’t really talk much then until she went back to USA actually. Haha~! Didn’t really know her that well then. It was only through the past year or so that we got closer through our online chatting sessions.

I had a lot fun sharing with her the dreams and vision that God has placed in my life. I also enjoy hearing about what God has been doing in and through her life in USA. She’s now like super charged up to serve wherever she’s placed. I think it was only a few weeks back that she asked me for avenues which she can serve in when she comes back to Malaysia during next summer break. I tell you, this girl doesn’t know how to stop~! Haha~!

She has been a great encouragement to me throughout this entire car project. Almost every time I see her online she would check-up on me to see how I was doing. Even when I shared with her my difficulties, she has never once discouraged me from continuing this project. In fact, she was the first person to bless me with a contribution on top of the initial contribution she had already given to me.

I was really moved by what she did because it was an answer to my prayer. I was on the verge of giving up this entire project but I thank God for people like her that came around me in support. What she did thought me to respond to a need of another without hesitation. Sometimes we don’t have to pray so much to respond to a need that's already so obvious, when we see a friend who’s hungry and we have extra food, we don’t have to pray to God and ask Him what to do. If we’re in line with God’s heart, we’ll just know when and how to respond nturally…

To Jaclynn Thank you so much for being such a great encouragement to me. You support in friendship has really pushed me to continue on with this project although things seemed so hopeless. You are one person who has never questioned my intentions when I initiated this project. In fact, you were one of the first to contribute to it…

It is because of friends like you that give me hope that there still people who would stick with you through the good and the bad times. To tell you the truth, I was condemned by some of the people I know for starting up this project. Some of these people are the very people who I really respected. But you were one of the few who gave me so much hope to carry on with this.

Continue pursuing the plans and purposes that God has placed in your heart. Never let anyone look down on you because of anything because your calling is from God, no man can deny that. Never ever let situations or circumstances dictate the decisions you make but in all things seek the Lord first and put your trust in Him because He is the only one that knows what’s best for you. Stay in the Lord always and keep you heart close to His...

Thank you so much for being there for me when I was down, thank you for always entertaining me when I was bored at work, thank you for being there when I needed someone to talk to. Sometimes even in a crowd, I can still feel very lonely, but the very least you did really made me feel significant to people once again. Above all that I’ve mentioned, I most thankful to you for being a great friend~!

That’s all I have today folks~! The car will very soon be in my possession and I will definitely update all of you on the next phase of this project~! Thank you sponsors for taking time to read this~! Have a great week ahead and God Bless~!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NEWS FLASH #2 - Engine Installation Phase Closure Soon~!

Hey Sponsors~! This is another News Flash for you people~! This time it’s a Praise Report~! I just got word that my gearbox bracket is already in~! Praise God my car works can now resume. The next hurdle would be to find my exhaust muffler outlet and clear all the legal documents required before the car can finally be on the road.

The hefty bills has still not been settled… In fact, the bill increased because many of the small engine parts needed to be reconditioned for safety purposes. Although most of the major parts of the engine was in superb condition but there were small parts which needed to be replaced and repaired. It isn’t that cheap although it’s small but thank God none of the major parts needed to be replaced because it would cost a bigger bomb~! Haha~!

God is indeed so faithful to provide. The money to cover most of my expenses has come in slowly throughout the past 2 weeks and I’m really seeing God’s providence at work for this project. I will continue to believe for a financial miracle to happen until every bill is covered. Thanks so much, sponsors, for being so supportive, some of you all really surprised me with financial blessings on my birthday.

There were even some of you who gave way over the amount you initially wanted to contribute for this project. Although some of you say that the amount you gave is not a lot, but it means so much more to me. I am so grateful for that because every cent you contributed really really helped. In a big way, you’ve been an answer to my prayers. Thank you for being so supportive and such a blessing to me, this car is gonna mean so much more because of you~!

The car would most probably be road worthy by either next week or the week after Chinese New Year. I shall take lots and lots of pictures of the completed engine works for all you viewing pleasure. Soon, when I get my boot done up really nicely, I shall kick start the signing ceremony~! Can’t wait to meet up with all of you again~~!

That’s all I have for today’s News Flash~! Do log on the next few days to find out the soon to be completion of the engine installation phase. Next month when I get my next pay cheque, I shall initiate the car refurnishing phase which involves redoing most of the interiors. Now the interiors are in a mess, but I will slowly do bit by bit to beautify it, slowly but surely my ‘hot chic’ is becoming reality~! WooHoo~!

All this could never happen without you sponsors being a part of this~! I big thank you to all sponsor once again, I really appreciate each one of you~! Have a great day ahead, thanks for logging on to read this entry… God bless….

Monday, February 5, 2007

Project Report #15 - Deeper Impact

Hey people~! It’s another new week again~! New opportunities, new things to look forward to and plenty of new challenges to face~! Mondays are the best days to check yourself because it is your response to Mondays that reveals your true character. Whether you’re a lazy bum who loves to dwell in past glories or a really passionate person who looks forward to greater things in life, Mondays can tell~! So how you foresee your week to be is the greatest battle of all, why not foresee it with great expectation? We have nothing to lose but so much to gain~!

Sorry for not being able to make any entries the past 5 days. I have been busy preparing some stuff for my work, my car, ministry and also my sister’s departure to Perth. Last week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve ever encounter. Thank God for His grace that I was able to not only pull through, but also succeed in everything I placed my hands on. Although I fell sick for one day, I was healed within that day itself. God is so good~!

Sometimes I do wonder, why is it that we choose to love others? I’m not just talking about romantic love okay… Even friends and family relationships… To many ignorant people, love is just taken as something to gain. Little do they realize that love actually requires you to give up a lot of things...

To love someone is to open yourself up for that person to hurt you, the more you love, the deeper the wounds become. So why love in the first place is love brings so much pain? Why put ourselves through the agony of loving someone and risking ourselves getting hurt over and over again? I may not have the complete answer, but I believe this to be true, that all of us are made to love and be loved…

Despite how much pain love brings, love is one thing that none of us can escape. It is one thing that all of us need. We can't live normal lives without love, it is built within us that we can't live without. If love did not exist, we would never know the true meaning of sacrifice. If love did not exist, we would not know the true meaning of what it’s like to live not only for ourselves, but also for others.

Love is a powerful force that overcomes many boundaries, it’s a great motivating factor which pushes us to do things beyond ourselves. Have you ever loved someone so much that you would even give your life up for that person? I know I have… and still do… my family la, who you thought it was? Haha~!

The perfect example of true unconditional love is shown in the life of Jesus Himself. He was willing to give up His own life to die for people who hate Him. Have you ever thought of laying your life down for the person who cheated on you, the person who lied to you, the person who robbed you? Well, Jesus did… Love was His motivating factor, love was the force that brought Him all the way to the cross. Until His very last breath then, Love kept Him going… I’ve not seen greater love from any other person or organisation than the love shown through Jesus’ life.

I sometimes find it so hard to even love even the people close to me. I find it so hard to open up myself to being hurt and disappointed. This is real, and I know it applies to all of you as well. So how do I pick myself up again to continue to love people again after going through so much pain? Simple, I fix my eye on Jesus and look to Him as my living example. If He can love and forgive me after all the crappy and stupid things I did, I should learn to love and forgive others who have hurt me as well.

Love is a force no one can fathom, love goes to depths no one can comprehend. Why is love so great? Because God Himself is love, He is the founder of love. Despite whatever hurts and pain that we go through because of love, it is only love that can heal those wounds. What an irony right? Through great trying times, love is the only thing that keeps people united unconditionally..

If love ceased to exist, we would all be only living for ourselves. What would the world be like if no one loves? Food for thought…

Project Report~! I still have not received word from my mechanic yet about the gearbox bracket I ordered. The sports bracket for my car is quite hard to find because there’s so high in demand but so few suppliers. However, I managed to buy something really cool online. Check this picture out~!

This is a 5" TACHOMETER with SHIFT LIGHT AND RECALL~! I’ve always wanted to install one of these in my car. This RPM gauge is beyond your normal gauge. In a normal car, the maximum RPM the gauge and engine limits is 8000 RPM, but with this tachometer, my engine can be pushed to a maximum of 11000 RPM. The shift lamp at the top right of the meter head will light up at the RPM of my preference to indicated to me to change gears. This device will help me gauge the best RPM each gear can take to draw out maximum power from the engine. This is gonna be exciting~!

Do hear the sound of an Englishmen from afar? Hmm? Doesn’t sound English to me, sounds like a hybrid of every western accent that exists~! This person I’m talking about is no stranger to many. He’s well known for his wonderfully weird English accent and his love for martial arts. He’s one weird dude, but above all that he has a big heart for people. Ladies and gentlemen, babies and elephants, it is my honour to introduce you to my friend, Jonathan Foo a.k.a. Foo Foo a.k.a. Fake Australian a.k.a. The Guy with the Walking Stick???~!!!

I’ve known Jon since 2004 when I first started serving with AYA. He had the weirdest western accent that no one could tell where it came from. Englishmen pun tak sama, Auzzie pun tak sama, it’s like he using a new hybrid of English slang that the world has never heard. Haha~! This guy has not a clue of the Malay Language, he once asked what a SOTONG was~! Oh my gosh~! He’s really blur like sotong la.. Haha~!

We’ve always had a good laugh at the way speaks his English. He’s always really serious about everything he does and sometimes we have to remind him to chill a bit. He’s very passionate in the thing he does and when he starts something, he always works very hard to see it come to completion. I know he’s one dude that never leaves anything half done.

He’s always been faithful behind the video camera in all the events we did in church, concerts and rallies. He passion in photography has brought him to buy a super cunted camera which cost well over five thousand bucks~! I really admire his faithfulness and commitment because when I was still with Acts Church, he would be the person that’s always there for every single meeting to do the video recordings. The people from Acts would know how many meetings there are in just a week alone. Haha~!

Jon is one guy you can count on when you need something done. He would always give his best in all that he does and he doesn’t take any task given to him lightly. He’s great person to work with once you’ve learned to bear with his accent. God has really given him a heart of a servant, a heart that really looks after the welfare of others…

To Jon… There has been many times we’ve made you the butt of all our jokes. Yet, you still chose to laugh with us. You’ve learnt to accept yourself for who you are and you’ve always shown yourself desiring to learn from others. This is teachable spirit of yours is priceless and I believe that it’s gonna take you very far..

It’s been a joy serving alongside you, most of the time when I’m on stage, you’re faithful to do the LCD projections and the video controls behind the scenes. Most people may not have noticed your hard work and commitment, but without you being there, many things wouldn’t have went on so smoothly.

Do not ever despise what you do best, maybe many may not recognize your significance but God has a called you for this time and for this season to fulfill this role. I know that greater things are installed for you but you just have to be patient and let God prepare you for it. Don’t ever rush into anything just because it looks good from the outside, but acknowledge God in all your ways and He will make you path straight~!

Continue to be a blessing to the people around as you have been to me, especially when you're in Australia. I know that God has been faithful to bring you through many things. Don’t let your past experiences have a grip on you neither should you ever forget what you’ve gone through, but use it as a stepping stone and a learning curb to elevated you slowly to the great plans that God has for you.

Keep up the good work~! Keep the passion and keep the faith~! Go find out what SOTONG is because I’m gonna make that your next nickname… Haha~! Stay in the Lord and draw your strength from Him. Greater things are yet to come, so please don’t settle or be complacent with where you are now~!

That’s all I have for today people~! I shall try to make entries more often, but do forgive me if I can’t as my work is getting a bit busier as the weeks come. Thanks for reading~! Will update you all more about the engine installation progress. Have a great new week ahead and God Bless~!