Saturday, March 31, 2007

Project Report #20 - An A-Merry-Car Tail

Hey Sponsors~! It’s been a long week for me but a fruitful one~! Managed to close another project at work, was really stressful because me and my team members hit a dead-end in trying to figure out a solution for a problem, but thank God we manage to solve it just before the deadline~! Haha~! I hope it’s been a great week for all of you too. Whatever we may have gone through, be it good or bad, there’s always something to be thankful about. So live life being aware of the bad but mindful of the good~!

Project Report~! This week I’ve managed to finish the exhaust installation~! It looks great~! Today makes the day of the completion of all the necessary exteriors~! Praise God~! I have a lot of photos to show all of you, so just sit back and be blown away~!

This is the car being towed from my foreman's house to the exhaust workshop in Sunway. The car looks so cun on the tow truck right? Wait till you see it on the road... Hehe~!

Another picture of the car on the tow truck heading out to the exhaust shop..

This is the car elevated with the exhaust being ready to be installed. By the way, I'm using a very cool original Tanabe 4 inch tip exhaust outlet. It's fully imported from Japan. So cun right?

The right portrait of the exhaust muffler box.. A lot of finger prints all over, handled by some many people, including me..

This is the left portrait of the muffler. Sponsors, you better have a good look at these angles, you'll never get to see it in real life unless you lift the car up.

A close up shot of the how the exhaust looks with the back of the car. It's actually too big to fit in the undercarriage of the car, but I had some modifications done so that it will have minimal vibrations.

This is my 3 inch exhaust piping running underneath the car. It's made of high quality stainless steel. Superb for high intake and outflow cars...

This is the exhaust stainless steel flexi. This thing alone cost alot~! But thank God for he blessing, I got it for free from my foreman~! What a blessing~!

Finally, this is the exhaust piping joint. It links the piping with the down pipe of the engine, in layman's terms, it's the joint between the pipe and the engine itself...

Next Monday, my runner will send the car to get it tested with JPJ. The stability and safety of the engine with the car will be put through several examinations to assure that it is road worthy. Actually, this car is more stable, safe and powerful that most cars on the road, so there is no problem in that. I will also settle all my insurance procedures by Tuesday or Wednesday and the car will be on the road by the end of next week~!

I will start working on my interiors by next weekend, hopefully all my electronic gauges and equipment can be done in a day. I will also do a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the car and get the boot ready for you sponsors to sign in~! This car is gonna be so memorable because of you sponsors~!

Hey people~! Did you know that hybrid human plants have roamed the earth for over 2 decades~! These creatures may look like plants but the talk, walk, eat, move, whine and laugh like humans. Still don’t notice any of them around? Well, let me introduce you to the one I know. She’s a good person with a great heart for the people around her. Ladies and gentlemen, it is me honour to introduce to you, Jamie Foo Sze Yin a.k.a. Bamboo a.k.a. Plant a.k.a. Rotan~!

Believe me, she is the skinniest friend I’ve ever had in my entire life~! But she’s a great friend and is always supportive in what I do, although we spend a lot of time making fun of each other… or is it just me making fun of her? Hmmmm… Haha~! She was one of the first people who so voluntarily contributed to this car project~! I was really moved by how excited she was to be part of this, although the money she sent didn’t survive through the mail from Australia…

What do I have to say about Jamie? A lot~! We’ve known each other since the days when we were knee high. We’ve grown up together in the same Children’s Church, Youth Group and serving is various ministries together. A lot of memories back in those days, both good and bad ones la… But it all contributed to the better side of who I am today.

I remember last time whenever she stood by the mic stand on stage, I would always say “Jamie, is that your cousin?”… Haha~! We had a lot fun going to different places for holidays with our group of friends and we really grew fond of each other’s company. Oh by the way, her mom is an excellent cook~! I always look forward for gatherings at her house because her mom’s food is fantastic~! Hope she’ll not let this linage end, so start learning, Jamie~!

To Jamie… We’ve been through quite a lot together haven’t we? Through the many years of knowing you, I’ve learnt a lot from our journey of friendship. I know there have been a lot of things that has happened in the past. Things that many people will not understand, but I assure you that nothing you’ve gone through was intended to make you weaker…

Your faith in God may be shaken a bit, but hold on strong to His promises because He will never take you to a place where His grace cannot keep you. Always remember, His promises are like an banquet with an endless line of various food, you cannot just sit back and hope the food will fall on your plate, but you have to reach out and claim it to be your own.

God has brought you through many things in the past, if you ever have doubts in Him, just look back in life and remember all the things He has given to you although you didn’t deserve it. Focus on Him and He will make sure you get the best of everything. Sometimes the process may seem dry, sometimes it may seem hopeless, but press on and persevere~! Your breakthrough is at you finger tips, don’t give up~!

Continue pursuing the best that God has for you, don’t settle for any less. Though people may think it’s foolishness to wait upon God, well… when God pours out His blessing on you, their words will be silenced~! Whatever other people say is best for you is not even close to the perfect plan of God for your life. So keep your head up in times of troubles, all things will be made beautiful in His perfect time~!

His ways are higher than our ways, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Put your trust in the Lord and He will make your path straight, and show you things that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind can comprehend. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength~!

Thank you for being a great friend for these many years. You’re not only a sponsor of this project, but moreover, you’re a sponsor of my life… because all that you’ve contributed to my life through the years has made me who I am today… I’m so glad our paths crossed..

That’s all I have for today people~! Will try my best to update you all soon about my car interiors installation… I shall prepare the boot space well before I open it up for you sponsors to sign in~! Thank you for your time and have a great Sunday tomorrow~! God Bless~!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Project Report #19 - The Next Generation

Hey Sponsors~! It’s another beautiful Monday morning~! Brand new start for a brand new week of new exploits and challenges. Sorry I haven’t been making any entries in my blog. I’ve been really super busy with so much to do. I just came back from Kuching last Thursday night and immediately went back to work on Friday morning. Cool right? I feel like superman~! Haha~!

I must tell you all about my trip to Kuching. We went to a place called Lundu, otherwise known as London by the locals there. It’s a very kampung area with a very small town but all of nature is just at its doorstep. We stayed at in wooden house with a huge piece of land, almost the size of a football field. It was a beautiful place with the biggest durian trees I’ve ever seen in my life~! But too bad the fruiting is not in season… darn…

Only 6 of us Harvest Generation guys went. We had so much laughs and silly moments there that cannot be told in public. Haha~! We actually built a water dam at the river to block the flow of the water so that it would fill up a section to make a natural swimming pool. The guy who thought of this was brilliant~! What to do, he’s an engineer ma… The water actually rose to almost 4 feet. Not bad eh?

I had a great time ministering there, did what I do best, played the drums and thought some of the guys and gals there about band management. One guy was so shocked that I, as a drummer, knew all the notations and chords for every song. He said he’s never seen a drummer like that before… Obviously he has not been down to KL a lot la… Haha~!

The highlight of the whole trip was that there were about 14 salvations~! Even a girl who was the Vice President of the Buddhist club in a well known high school was moved by the word that was preached and gave her life to Jesus… Praise God~! The best news we heard after the camp was every single person who didn’t know God before the camp gave their lives to Jesus before the camp ended~! I really felt a burst of joy within my spirit that cannot be described in words…

Although I came back dead tired with countless insect bites all over my arms and legs, it was all worth it to see lives that have been changed and impacted by the power of God~!

Great News People~! Harvest Generation church will be moving into the new premise very very soon~! We’ll be doing our cleaning up tonight, it’s gonna be a hard and dirty job but it’s all worth it for lives that will be added to the kingdom of God. The place looks fantastic~! All the wall paneling has been completed, now it’s time for out in-house interior designers to put up all the lightings and furniture.

God is really blessing the church, a great testimony came about 2 weeks ago when a man called up Pastor Ryan and said that he wanted to contribute a huge sum of money to pay for the down payment of our brand new church van~! So now we’re gonna have our own van very soon~! Praise God~! There has been so much favour pouring out over our ministry and the church, we even had enough money to buy a really cool drum set~! Highlight for me la because I’m also a drumming freak. This is the same drum set I used for the recording of the new album that’s gonna be released within the next 3-4months.

All these good things did not suddenly come overnight. We have spent a lot of time praying and sowing by faith. It required us to work and invest all we had beyond our normal capacity, and now we see the fruits of our labour because we chose to honour God first. God has added to us so much more than all our sowing combined~! He has blessed us to the overflowing. Can you image for a 6 month old church, we have over 25 members now? It’s really not our doing, it can only be God~!

Sponsors… get involved by supporting us in your prayers. Greater things are yet to come for this church and I believe everyone of your prayers will not be in vain.

Project Report~! My foreman told me last Wednesday, when I was away in Kuching, that my engine couldn’t start because of a fuel pump problem. I called up the mechanic that installed my engine and praise God, he said that there is no big problem to it. It’s just because the car has not been moved for many days. My foreman went for a mission trip over the weekend so nothing was done with my car the past few days.

However, I have already purchased almost all the interior stuff I need, still lacking on a few more items that are super hard to find. Hopefully I will be able to get my car by this week and settle most of my interior installation as well. Sponsors do pray with me that everything will go on smoothly, a lot things have been delayed, but I’m still not giving up until I see this dream come to past~! Believe with me~!

Today I’m gonna drop a funky beat while introducing one of the most influential musicians I’ve ever played with. This dude is one heck of a keyboardist, I think by far the best keyboardist I’ve seen in a church setting. He’s always ever willing to teach and learn and I really groove well with him when we play together. I’m many of you know who I’m talking about. Ladies and gentlemen… it is my honor to introduce to you the one and only… Enoch Lau a.k.a. orchestra a.k.a. eunuch a.k.a. drummer wanna-be~!

I’ve known this guys for only about 2 years or so but it was our passion in music and ministry that brought us closer together. We started playing together when I was still with Actstream and I noticed that we really gelled together in our playing. I’ve always been keeping an eye out for musicians who I really enjoy playing with, not only musicians with superb skills.

We’ve had our moments where we had to correct each other and have heart to heart talks about our playing. It isn’t easy to have your playing criticized, especially when you think you’ve did a very good job. But it’s different between us because we don’t only give constructive criticism, we build each other up with encouragement. Unlike some other musicians I’ve played with who tend to pull other musicians down because they think they’re the best, Enoch is a great encourager with great character and a great friend…

We started our band project together a few months back. We couldn’t progress much due to the fact that he’s still studying for his masters but I know we share the same passion in our calling towards the music industry and we intend to pursue it will all we have. We’re still having problems about what to name our band though, I was thinking Rhythmic Redemption, but I somehow feel that it sound a bit too cheesy. You people can suggest some cun band names for us ya~! Haha!

To Enoch… It has been a great time knowing you and serving with you in the ministry. No matter what kinds of music we play or where we play, I’ve always enjoyed playing the drums whenever you’re on keyboards. There is this gel that we have whenever we’re on the stage together no matter what instrument I play.

Your talents are superb but it is the heart behind all the talents that God is after. So never neglect God in your pursuit for excellence in music, but always seek to please God’s heart first and excellence will come naturally. We must never worship our gifts, we must never worship the music we play, but we must worship the God whom the music and the talents are made for…

It is you gifts that draw people towards you but it is your heart that has kept them coming back to you. You have a fantastic character but don’t just settle for what you have now. Push yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit to greater levels in you ministry, your music, your studies and your career. Honour the Lord in all that you do and He will surely honour you back with so much more…

Thank you so much for being such a great friend. Thanks for always encouraging me and giving me ideas on how I am to improve myself in my drumming. I’m really looking forward to serving with you again in the near future when our band is assembled. Do pray with me that God will bring in the right people with the same passion to join us in fulfilling the vision that God has placed in our hearts…

Thanks for being a sponsor of this project and an even greater sponsor of my life because you’ve done much to contribute to who I am today…

It’s the end of another entry, I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to make any more entries this week because I’ll be involved in the cleaning up of our new church premise, but I will try. Thanks for taking time to read this~! Hope that you all were blessed by what was written, Have a great new week ahead and God Bless~!