Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project Report #39 - Crash

It's Wednesday, the last day of this working week for me as I will be heading off to Penang with Ps Ryan and some of the Harvest Generation guy leaders for a ministry trip come Calvin’s Bachelor Party. Really looking forward for this trip after so long of not having a break from our very hectic lifestyle.

Much has happened within just this week itself, last Friday we all had a great time at cell learning and discussion what God’s dream is all about; what is the definition of a selfish dream and what is the definition of a God given dream? The presence of God was so strong during cell that even when we were worshipping, people started tearing already. Everyone one of us in I1 Cell, as well as the other cells, really responded well and received a lot through the session.

Then came Saturday, I followed Ps Ryan and Chris down to Singapore for a day trip to look for the iPad. We were all dead tired because of the stretching we had to take on the previous week; we took turns to drive and rest. It was rather amusing that we all knew how to get around by MTR but have no idea on how to drive around Singapore. Thankfully, with Ps Ryan kept telling us “go straight only”, we manage to locate the place where we could buy the iPad.

Just a little sharing of why we were willing to go all the way down to Singapore just to buy Ps Ryan the iPad. We believe in really taking care of the man of God, to cater to all his needs as we’re able to, so that he would be able to do his job well as the pastor of our church. We will do everything in our capability to unsure that his needs are all met so that he will not be distracted by lack, hence it will make him more effective and productive as our discipler and pastor. I personally believe the principle that if you honour, bless and take care of the man of God, God will definitely add on back to us so much more.

Sunday morning came, we were all prepared and excited to have a great service and God really moved powerfully. Pastor spoke on a very timely topic on ‘Letting Go of Our Past’. That message struck me right smack into my heart because I know I was still holding on to old mindsets that has been really slowing me down in my progress.

It has been quite a long time since we’ve had altar call in our Sunday services, but Ps Ryan opened up the altar for people to come up and be prayed for. When Ps Ryan and the leadership start laying hands on the people, the power of God just moved. A lot of the people were just crying their eyes out because God was working in their lives. It was just totally awesome, the presence of God was so strong in the hall.

After service, my cell group, I1 Cell, and S1 Cell combined for lunch. We ate at this moderate standard Pan Mee shop in SS15, which I will never EVER go back there again if I had a choice. Putting the moderate food aside, the company was great, we had a very good time chatting and chilling with each other. One of my cell members was very quick to run to the counter to pay for my meal, so proud of my cell for catching the spirit of generosity.

After lunch, we drove back to church for out Easter Play rehearsal. While driving back we were stuck at Persiaran Murni, USJ area. I was wondering why was there such a bad jam in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. As I inched my car forward closer to the traffic lights, I saw a car on its side. My first thought was, it’s just another accident. Then when I saw the people that were climbing out of the wreckage, I recognized one of the victim’s clothing. Then it struck me, that was Bethany, a member of our church, who just climbed out of the vehicle’s side window and that vehicle is John Sim’s Avanza!

I quickly overtook the cars infront of me, honking my way through, parked my car at the side and rushed to the scene. I saw a lot of blood everywhere, on the road and around the vehicle. Then I saw John Sim, with a bleeding elbow, standing at the side of the vehicle making sure that every passenger that came out of the wreckage was accounted for. Further down, sitting down on the curb, was a girl bleeding very profusely. When I went over to her, I realized it was Eunice! Passersby were all helping to stop the bleeding from her head, hand and foot. It was a very scary sight!

I quickly took some bandages and wrapped up her wounds, carried her to my car and sent her straight to SJMC with Amanda. In the car, it was amazing that although Eunice was still in shock, she asked me to pray for her and started speaking in tongues and singing to God. So I prayed for her while driving like a madman rushing to the hospital.

When we arrived at SJMC, the nurses really did a good job in responding to her emergency. Thank God that the ER was not packed with people. They tended to her wounds rather swiftly. After many hours of treating, X-Ray and stitching up her wounds, I really praise God that although it was a really terrible accident, she suffered only superficial wounds.

Every single person that was involved in the accident only had cuts and bruises, none of them broke any bones, none were seriously injured. If you were to have seen the condition of the car, you will be amazed on how God has really protected every single one of them.

It was very much later that I learnt that Eunice’s head was pinned under the vehicle when it was lying on its side. The part of the car that was over her head was twisted to an angle where it precisely cleared her head. If that piece of metal didn’t bend, her head would’ve been crushed under the weight of the vehicle. Our God is so awesome to preserve her life!

Priscilla came to SJMC as well to get the cut on her arm stitched up, John Sim had to go through 2 minor surgeries to get the glass fragments out from his elbow. Praise God that both of them went through all the treatments necessary without any complications. Now, every one of them are resting and recovering in their respective homes.

As church is growing, I know that the enemy is working very hard to deter and distract us to throw us off course. Through this incident, I’ve learnt not to take prayers for granted. We must always be constantly praying for our Pastor, leaders and cell members for God’s favour and protection. Prayer precedes every great thing and it also keeps the enemy at bay. Let’s grow together in our level of faith by praying for our church every day.

Other things that happened recently, Tay, a medical student from IMU that has been attending our church, has just officially received Christ as his personal Lord and Savior two Sundays back! Praise God! I’ve been doing Bible study with him and I can really see God working in his heart. I’m believing that I1 Cell will grow to 20 people by the end of this year.

That’s all the time I have now. Hope you all have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Tomorrow I’ll be on my vacation in Penang! WooHoo! This weekend, we’re having a Big Day on Sunday with Ps Saras Bany from CHC Penang! It’s gonna be such a power-packed weekend, can’t wait! Don’t miss out ya! Come to Harvest Generation Church this Sunday and have the experience of your life!

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