Monday, September 6, 2010

Project Report #40 - Speak Up

Another Monday, the very day that many people finds it a dread to start off. Mondays are days where I sometimes wonder if I am supposed to remain in this very mundane job. After having a great Sunday at church doing ministry, I always have to remind myself that Mondays are my time of ministry too; Ministry at the marketplace.

Some of us guy leaders went to Penang two weeks back to minister with Pastor Ryan in a campus camp and also to throw Calvin a bachelor party. We got to meet-up with Pastor Saras and some of his staff at his office. He showed us around his church premise, City Harvest Church Penang. It was quite amazing, simple and effective how they structure their office and their main hall.

In the evening, Pastor Saras took us to Hard Rock Hotel, Penang for dinner. I tell you, it was nostalgia to me because I haven’t had Hard Rock Café burgers in ages! It is still the BEST! We guys had a great time just eating, enjoying the music and chilling out, nothing spiritual =) By the way, the lead female singer for the night was really HOT STUFF! So cun voice!

When you put a few crazy guys together who have been serving in church together for a long time, you’re bound to have craziness all around. We joked about the stupidest things, talked about a lot of deep stuff, we ate and ate, laughed and laughed, made formal shirts and suit for the wedding; It was such a great time to relax after a long year of tireless working. Every morning after our personal devotion, we start our craziness all over again! This shows that leaders know how to work hard and play hard as well =)

We had the privilege to host Pastor Saras here in Subang Jaya and he did an illustrated sermon in our church two Sundays back entitled ‘Speak To Your Future’. The sermon covers mainly on the life of Jacob, in the Bible, as he progressed on in his life after he left his father’s house. We had a record breakthrough turn up of 110 people in our church! Praise God! We’ve been praying as a church that we will see 100 people in our church by the end of August and God blessed us with 10% more! Many lives were touched during the service and there were salvations!

Pastor Saras came with this family; his wife Pastor Felina and his 2 daughters. Besides just hanging out and having fun with him, he taught us a lot of biblical principles on church building and on really taking care of our Senior Pastor. I know that our mindsets have to be challenged and broken for us to move to another level. We have to progress together with the Holy Spirit.

We had a great time in church yesterday as well, we had 71 people in our church! Praise God for the new people that He brought in. It’s really exciting to build church and see lives being touched and changed. Pastor Ryan spoke on the Power of Words; how words spoken into our lives by ourselves and by others can have a major impact on us. Words were first meant for creation therefore what we speak into our lives as well as other people’s lives create either a positive or a negative product.

Pastor Ryan said this one thing that was really amazing, “If we think that our children are a gift from God, why do we speak so ill about them?” It invoked something in my heart that typically Asians always speak ill of people that they treasure the most and it’s still a mystery on why this is so. I grew up in an environment where people kept saying “Sure or not? You can meh? You that good meh?” when I share with them of what I want to achieve in life. Thus these things have engrave in me to respond others in that way as well when they tell me their dreams, sometimes unknowingly.

Constantly, I have to remind myself to not bring to the present the demons that have been sown in my life in the past. Now that I’m leading a cell, I constantly have to watch what I sow in their lives through my words, constantly questioning myself on what I want to see when I say something to them, what do I want to create in their lives and their future. I’m not perfect, sometimes I do say the wrong thing out of anger or frustration, but I’m working and believing that I will be better.

Pastor Saras said “Speak to You Future” and Pastor Ryan reinforced it in us by saying “Words can create; speak positively to create a positive environment!”. Words has such tremendous power and it is our responsibility to use it well. Even the world knows it “With great power comes great responsibility” – Uncle Ben, Spiderman. What am I doing with my words as a believer of the Most High God?

It’s wrong to speak the wrong things, it is also wrong to not speak at all when you know you’re supposed to. Being quiet doesn’t change anything if we’re going through a crisis in our lives. Yes, the Bible said ONCE that we ought to "Be still and know that I'm God” but that’s not an excuse to stay quite. We have to learn to speak out in faith to our lives, our situations, our future. There’s no such thing as a wordless prayer, even when we speak in tongues we are speaking mysteries that only God understands, it’s the language of the Spirit.

I’ve shared this before that the devil will do everything possible to keep us quiet when we’re down because even he knows the power of the spoken word. I’m teaching myself and my cell people to speak out in faith what they want to see in their lives, in their situations. Use the power given to us to create a positive outcome for our lives and the lives of others. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Carol’s 23rd birthday just passed, we had an awesome time celebrating with her family over the weekend. I bought her an iPad which she was so looking forward to have. I believe that it would really help her in her ministry as well as help her de-stress with the mindless games it can cater for. I pray and believe that this year will be a year of new levels for her in every aspect of her life; God’s going to elevate her to heights that would be beyond our expectation. I hope to celebrate with her many, many more birthdays to come.

That’s all I have for you this time round, hope you all have a great start to a new week. I’m expecting this week to be great! Speaking to my future and letting my words create a positive environment! God bless!


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